12 Types of Interactive Content Which You Can Use in Your Blog

Types of Interactive Content 12 Types of Interactive Content Which You Can Use in Your Blog

While writing fresh articles and blogs, you have the option to combine a variety of content – static content, dynamic content, and interactive content. The static content does not change from time to time, while the dynamic content is updated constantly according to the latest information and emerging trends. At the same time, interactive content evolves regularly based on user input. Several studies suggest that interactive content is more effective than static content in educating the audience, generating more leads, creating brand awareness, and driving sales conversion.

According to the DemandGenReport.com,

Bringing static content to life with interactive elements positions B2B marketers to better engage with their audiences. In fact, research shows that 93% of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating buyers versus just 70% for static content. 81% of marketers agree that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content. Also, 70% of marketers say that interactive content is effective at converting site visitors.

You can no longer keep influencing the purchase decisions of prospects and leads only by posting static and text-heavy content regularly. Your content creation and marketing strategy must focus on converting static content into interactive content. You can use interactive content as a powerful tool to accomplish key marketing goals like capturing valuable customer data, increasing reader engagement, and promoting brand loyalty. You can make your blogs interactive by incorporating these 12 types of interactive content.

12 Types of Interactive Content You Must Incorporate in Your Blogs and Articles

1. Interactive Infographics  

Interactive infographics are a form of new-age interactive content.

According to the visual content marketing statistics posted on Venngage.com,

“Infographics are more effective than videos and presentations at achieving marketing goals.”

In addition to facilitating data visualization, infographics are one of the most readable and sharable types of interactive content. However, you have to put extra time and effort to create infographics that deliver your desired branding message. In addition to picking the right topic, you must focus on presenting complex information in intelligible and compelling ways.

2. Interactive Video

The popularity of interactive videos as a digital marketing tool has been increasing consistently. Unlike textual content, video clips keep the target audience engaged by creating an immersive experience. Most brands these days experience with ideas to create videos that retain the attention of viewers on the content. You can always embed videos in your blogs to make the static content interactive. Also, interactive videos will help you to deliver the desired brand messaging to the target audience without disrupting their ongoing activities.

3. Polls and Surveys

Social networking platforms make it easier for you to conduct polls and surveys without investing extra resources. You can conduct a poll to collect customer data, understand customer preferences, or get customer feedback by answering a single multi-choice question. Likewise, you can conduct surveys to collect additional information by making the customer answer a slew of multi-choice questions. Many website visitors love to participate in polls and surveys. But you must plan the polls or surveys strategically to make them appear fun and unobtrusive.

4. Interactive Calculators

Online calculators are one of the types of interactive content that produces results based on the information submitted by a person reading your blog. You can use interactive calculators as a useful marketing tool to collect additional information about the leads. The calculators will help the readers to evaluate the available options when they are at the consideration or decision stage of the buyer’s journey. Also, they enable readers to get instant results simply by submitting relevant information. You can use interactive calculators to help readers calculate ROI or savings.

5. Assessments

According to Content Marketing Institute, assessments are one of the most effective types of content used in various stages of a buyer’s journey. Each buyer wants to understand and evaluate her precise needs using a variety of parameters. While creating blogs, you can use assessment as a powerful tool to collect valuable information by making the reader answer a slew of questions. In addition to keeping the target audience engaged, the interactive content will help you to gather the information required to send personalized content.

6. Interactive eBooks and Whitepapers

Despite being static content, eBooks and whitepapers are used widely by B2B marketers to generate more leads. You can make eBooks and whitepapers more effective as lead generation tools by making them interactive. While creating eBooks or whitepapers, you must focus on visualizing information and incorporating animated charts. The interactive content will keep the readers engaged and make them share information by making the longer content easier to read and scan.

7. Interactive Emails

You can easily convert a lead into a customer by sending personalized and targeted content through emails throughout the buyer’s journey. You can make personalized and targeted content more effective by sending interactive email content.

According to MartechAdvisor.com,

Adding videos to your email content can boost click rates up to 300%, while interactive email content increases the rate of click-to-open by 73%.

You can easily make the emails interactive by conveying information or highlighting key points using animation.

8. Product Recommendations

Major online retailers like Amazon these days drive sales conversions by recommending the right product to the right lead or prospect. They use advanced algorithms to recommend relevant products to a prospective customer based on her purchase history and recent online activities. You can easily influence the purchase decisions of customers using a sophisticated product recommendation engine. The new-age product recommendation engines recommend the best products to customers using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

9. Data Visualizations

Images are more effective than text at making human minds consume information and process data. You can use data visualization as one of the most effective types of interactive content. While presenting information, you must explore ways to convert large datasets into easy-to-digest graphs, charts, and visuals. The data visualization will keep the target audience engaged by making them consume large and diverse data in a few seconds.

10. Diagnostic Tools

Most people these days look for free online tools to assess, check, and evaluate various things. You can easily make your blogs interactive by offering easy-to-use diagnostic tools. In addition to keeping the visitors engaged, the online diagnostic tool will make users return and trust your brands. You can offer a variety of diagnostic tools according to the nature of your services. For instance, you can use online tools to assess the search engine performance of a website to boost digital marketing and interactive content marketing efforts.

11. Online Contests

Many bloggers these days organize online contests regularly to create brand awareness and promote user-generated content (UGC) generation. You can easily make the readers share your blog posts and post comments by organizing content. Social networking platforms make it easier for you to organize contests and opinion polls without investing extra time and effort. But you must plan the contests strategically to generate more leads and get new email subscribers.

12. Mixed Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two emerging technological trends that have the potential to change the way websites are designed and developed. Many websites already leverage AR to blur the line between physical and digital. Also, 5G will soon enable users to access many unique AR and VR applications in the near future. While exploring ways to keep your blogs interactive, you must consider implementing some of the

On the whole, interactive content is more effective than static content in capturing the attention of readers and influencing their purchase decisions. But the interactive content does not make well-researches and text-based content obsolete. While writing fresh blogs, you must focus on integrating a variety of interactive content seamlessly into your blogs and articles. The interactive content will make your blogs more effective in generating leads and driving sales conversions.

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