IIM Digital Marketing Course

IIM digital marketing course IIM Digital Marketing Course

The statistics compiled by Statista suggest a steady and consistent growth of the worldwide digital marketing and advertising industry. In addition to abandoning traditional marketing methods, companies and startups these days run multichannel marketing campaigns. They connect and engage with existing and potential customers across touchpoints using top digital marketing channels.

Likewise, they boost campaign performance and increase ROI by implementing many digital marketing tools and platforms. Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)  convert students and working professionals into digital marketers by offering various MBA in Digital Marketing through several programs. Online digital marketing courses provided by IIMs help executives acquire and hone digital marketing skills after working hours.

Likewise, offline courses create opportunities for beginners to learn digital marketing channels, marketing tools, and tactics by interacting with distinguished professors and faculty members. We are making it easier for you to acquire and hone digital marketing courses by discussing various IIM digital marketing courses and programs.

Overview of 6 IIM Digital Marketing Courses and Programs

  1. IIM Ahmedabad Digital Marketing Course

The Advanced Programme in Digital Marketing Business Models, Processes, and Technologies offered by IIM Ahmadabad prepares learners to develop and evaluate digital strategies. In addition to understanding emerging digital technologies and their impact on marketing, learners can learn new-age digital marketing tools and tactics like inbound marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising.

Additionally, the program familiarizes students with Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and web analytics. You should consider this IIM digital marketing course to manage integrated digital marketing campaigns by understanding various channels and tactics. The once-a-week schedule and online learning mode enable you to acquire basic digital marketing skills in 3 to 4 months.

  1. IIM Bangalore Digital Marketing Course

IIM Bangalore has designed this short-term digital marketing course “Digital Marketing for Business Growth” for professionals working in a mid or senior-level position. The program helps executives make digital marketing strategies by combining tools and tactics. Also, an executive can get an overview of widely used digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertisements.

An executive can learn how to create buyer personas based on information collected from diverse sources. At the same time, he can learn how to increase ROI by curbing costs and boosting campaign performances. You should consider this course to learn the important aspects and elements of digital marketing strategies in 5 days. The IIM digital marketing course helps you master the art of community building.

  1. Digital Marketing for CMOs

This short-term course provided by IIM Bangalore aims to help CMOs boost the performance of digital marketing teams. In addition to teaching how to accelerate digital marketing campaigns, the 5-day digital marketing course covers important tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. The executive can learn the KPIs for measuring campaign performance and tactics to boost campaign performance.

In addition to making the executive familiar with leading social networks, the program prepares them to initiate conversations and build communities on individual social networking platforms. You can consider short-term IIM digital marketing programs to learn how to generate leads, increase sales conversions, and drive customer engagement. The professor will further discuss emerging trends impacting integrated digital marketing campaigns.

  1. IIM Amritsar Digital Marketing Course

IIM Amritsar has designed this executive certification program for working managers. It helps executives increase ROI by combining two important domains – digital marketing and marketing analytics. An executive can home his marketing analytics skills by attending lectures, submitting assignments, and performing hands-on exercises.

Hence, an executive can acquire knowledge that will help him boost marketing campaigns by leveraging real-time consumer and campaign data. Also, he can learn these domains in 3 months by attending live classes or choosing online mode. You can consider this IIM digital marketing certification program to learn how to boost digital marketing campaigns using marketing analytics tools.

  1. IIM Indore Digital Marketing Course

IIM Indore has developed this digital marketing program “Executive Programme in Digital Marketingby targeting students, beginners, seasoned marketers, and entrepreneurs. The program covers digital technologies that have transformed customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Additionally, it helps learners understand how modern consumers gather information and make purchase decisions.

Hence, learners can increase ROI by reimagining and transforming marketing tactics in the digital age. A learner can further acquire the knowledge required to make new-age digital marketing strategies and leverage new-generation marketing automation tools. You should consider this IIM digital marketing program to acquire and hone digital marketing skills despite no proficiency and experience.

  1. Marketing Tools for Digital Media and Platforms

Marketing automation is currently one of the most prominent trends in digital marketing. In addition to automating routine marketing tools, new-age automation tools boost campaign performance by leveraging real-time information. The open program is developed by IIM Ahmadabad for entrepreneurs and executives who aspire to manage and automate digital marketing campaigns.

IIM faculties make learners familiar with various digital marketing tools and platforms by combining learning content, case studies, and exercises. At the same time, they prepare students to make sense of raw consumer and campaign data using data analytics. You should consider this IIM digital marketing course to learn how to boost digital marketing strategies and campaigns by leveraging real-time data collected across customer touchpoints.


IIM digital marketing courses help both beginners and working professionals become digital marketers. However, each IIM digital marketing course familiarizes students with specific digital marketing channels, tools, and tactics. Also, some of these courses or certification programs are developed for executives and managers. Hence, you should consider admission criteria and IIM location while comparing the digital marketing courses offered by premier management institutions in India.

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