Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Free AI tools for digital marketing Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies help businesses reduce the time and resources required to run multichannel digital marketing channels. Marketers these days produce textual and multimedia content for digital marketing campaigns using AI content generation tools.

Likewise, AI-powered tools make it easier for them to boost digital marketing campaigns by understanding customer needs, analyzing competitors, and using data-driven insights. However, an enterprise can automate digital marketing successfully only by integrating multiple AI tools.

At the same time, it must curtail costs by prioritizing free AI tools for digital marketing. We are discussing some of the useful AI digital marketing tools that a business can use to automate important marketing activities without escalating upfront and ongoing costs.

9 Useful AI Tools for Digital Marketing that are Free to Use

Browse AI

The collection and evaluation of website data is an important step in digital marketing. Often marketers have to spend long hours extracting and monitoring data from multiple websites. Browse AI simplifies and automates website data extraction and monitoring by providing prebuilt robots.

The robots extract and share data from desired websites in spreadsheets. Also, they extract the website data on preset schedules and send automated notifications when the website data changes. The free edition of Browse AI extracts website data using four robots and retains the data for 15 days.

Hubspot AI

Hubspot is one of the digital marketing platforms that simplify digital marketing activities by leveraging intelligence technologies. At present, digital marketers can get started with three AI-powered digital marketing tools for free. They can use the AI Website Generator to build custom websites that answer questions related to the website without writing any code.

Likewise, the AI Content Writer provided by Hubspot makes it easier for them to generate, refine, and repurpose a variety of content – website copies, blog posts, and social media posts. At the same time, marketers can use the Social Caption Generator to generate ideas and produce content for social networking platforms without putting in extra time and effort.


Marketmuse helps marketers implement data-driven content marketing strategies using artificial intelligence. It helps strategists publish the right content by conducting automated content audits and competitor analysis. Also, managers can leverage the data-driven insights shared by the tool to organize content by creating topic clusters.

A content creator can use the software to plan content creation at both page and site levels. In addition to recommending the most relevant keywords, Marketmuse helps writers optimize content for search engines according to quality and comprehensiveness standards. However, marketers can use the free edition of Marketmuse only for seven days by requesting a standard trial.

Grammarly’s AI Writer

The popular content writing assistant automates the content creation process by providing a set of AI-powered text generation tools. Digital marketers can use Grammarly’s AI Writer to generate a variety of content – articles, blogs, emails, business reports, case studies, and social media captions – without increasing human resource costs.

Also, they can use the tool to paraphrase sentences without changing the context. At the same time, Grammarly helps them optimize and polish the content by suggesting the most appropriate length and tone. The free edition of Grammarly currently enables users to generate textual content using 100 AI prompts.

Headline Studio

While creating content, writers enhance readability and search engine performance by including compelling headlines. The AI-powered digital marketing tool provided by Coschedule helps writers craft click-worthy headlines in seconds. Content creators use Headline Studio to generate headlines, titles, and captions for a variety of content – blogs, emails, podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

While generating headline ideas, the tool considers the topic, tone, and audience along with the content. Also, it helps writers make the headline more compelling by assigning scores and making data-driven recommendations. Digital marketers have the option to use Headline Studio as a browser extension.


This AI image generator tool is developed by OpenAI. DALLE.2 enables digital marketers to generate original and realistic images from text descriptions. It combines style, attributes, and concepts to generate images based on the text entered by an end-user.

The AI-powered tool also has the capability to expand images beyond the original canvas, edit existing images, and create multiple variations. Digital marketers can leverage DALLE.2 to optimize content for Google Multisearch by generating relevant images according to the textual content.


Algolia helps marketers create user-specific search infrastructure using AI technologies. The customized search engine can handle more search queries more efficiently and quickly than conventional search engines. Algolia understands the needs and intent of each website visitor using artificial and machine learning technologies.

Furthermore, it displays personalized search engines to the website visitor according to his intent and preferences. Hence, it becomes easier for the visitor to find the relevant content according to his current needs. While promoting e-commerce websites, digital marketers can access Algolia for free by choosing the Build pricing plan. However, they must upgrade to a premium plan to leverage the AI features fully.


Unlayer makes it easier for marketers to design and customize emails by providing two AI-powered tools. Digital marketers can access the Email Template Bundles to choose the right email bundle for each brand and campaign. The free tool allows them to choose from a wide range of email template bundles, including activation, abandoned cart, announcement, annual review, awareness, and specific events.

At the same time, the Free Email Signature Generator provided by Unlayer helps marketers create signatures using the appropriate template. The tool allows users to create custom signatures by adding images, buttons, headers, dividers, video, and social media information. However, digital marketers have to subscribe to a premium plan to access the advanced email marketing tools provided by Unlayer.


Crystal helps sales and marketing teams boost customer communications by leveraging personality data. It uses predictive analytics to understand a buyer’s psychology based on his public profile. Additionally, it conducts proven psychological tests using proprietary DISC technology. Marketing teams can use the tool to segment contacts accurately based on buyer personas.

At the same time, Crystal makes it easier for the sales team to close more deals by understanding buyers’ psychology. Digital marketers can start using Crystal by opting for a free plan. However, the free version of the software currently supports basic profile content and five profile assessments. They need to upgrade to a premium plan to avail themselves of advanced features like premium profile content and personalized communication advice.


AI-powered tech tools help enterprises increase digital marketing ROI by leveraging real-time data and controlling costs. However, a company or startup cannot increase the ROI by investing in premium AI tools for digital marketing. Hence, decision-makers should focus on choosing and integrating a slew of free AI tools for digital marketing according to the desired channels and campaigns.

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