Ezoic Review

Ezoic Review Ezoic Review

Full-time bloggers and independent content publishers generate recurring revenue using many ad networks. Some of these ad networks test and display ads conventionally, while others boost ad performance by leveraging new-generation technologies.

Ezoic is one of the ad networks for bloggers that improve ad performance and increase ad revenue using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data. The products and solutions provided by Ezoic are currently used by over 10000 online publishers.

Unlike other popular ad networks for bloggers, Ezoic monetizes websites and blog sites through ad placement services like Google AdSense and DoubleClick. In addition to improving ad placement, Ezoic focuses extensively on making your website deliver a superior user experience. You can also check out this detailed review of Ezoic vs Adsense.

It uses AI algorithms to compare various layouts using a wide variety of parameters. Also, it chooses and recommends the best-performing layout for the website that keeps visitors engaged. At the same time, you can test ads, optimize ad placements, and track ad performance without using additional tools or plugins.

But you must remember that its key features differentiate Ezoic from other ad networks. Ezoic, like other ad networks, has pros and cons. Our Ezoic review will help you evaluate the ad network based on its features, pros, and cons.

Ezoic Review: Key Features

Ad Tester

Ezoic improves user experience and ad revenue simultaneously using AI technologies. It further allows you to evaluate ads by performing multivariate testing using an Ad Tester.

You can use Ezoic Ad Testers to perform automated multivariate testing using a drag-and-drop interface. The intelligence technologies evaluate the performance of the same ad by combining multiple metrics like location, density, and user segmentation.

Layout Tester

As noted earlier, Ezoic recommends the best-performing layout for your website by analyzing a large amount of data. You can use Ezoic Layout Tester to compare various layouts by performing automated multivariate testing.

The solution generates test results based on different user behaviors. Hence, you can choose a layout that makes your website look aesthetically pleasant without changing the existing theme or changing the website design.

Ad Network Mediation

You can leverage this feature of Ezoic to increase ad revenue. Instead of switching ad partners, this feature focuses on making existing ad partners bid more. Also, you can use the reporting interface provided by Ezoic to track the revenue earned from individual ad partners.

Intelligent Content Tester

A single or specific version of digital content may not maximize ad revenue. You need to compare multiple versions of content and choose the version that performs better under different circumstances.

You can use the intelligent content tester featured in Ezoic to create and evaluate multiple versions of content according to individual traffic sources. At the same time, the content testers help you improve the page’s user experience by assessing the impact on scripts and plugins.

Leap Technology

Ezoic helps you evaluate and improve your website’s performance regularly by providing a toolset called Leap Technology. In addition to assessing your website’s speed, Leap Technology identifies the issues affecting user experience. Also, it helps you fix these issues by providing automated solutions.

Ezoic Review: Pros

An End-to-End Technology Platform

Some ad networks require you to use third-party tools or plugins to manage various ad monetization activities. But Ezoic is designed as an end-to-end ad monetization platform. It enables you to perform routine ad monetization tasks like ad placements, ad performance tracking, and caching performance evaluation without using additional digital tools.

Intelligence Technologies

Ezoic is one of the ad networks that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. These cutting-edge technologies keep website visitors engaged by optimizing user experience. Also, they increase ad revenue by improving ad performance and placement.

Robust Big Data Analytics

The big data analytics used by Ezoic is comparable to the analytics used by leading ad platforms like Google AdSense. You can leverage analytics to evaluate the performance of individual pages using a lot of metrics. Also, you can track specific metrics simply by clicking on the appropriate column.

Best-Performing Ad Layout

Ezoic increases ad revenue by suggesting the best-performing ad layouts to users. It picks the best-suited ad layout by analyzing a large amount of data over a period of time. Often Ezoic recommends the best ad layout for a website in about one month.

Access to Ad Networks and Publishers

In addition to being a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic runs an affiliation service. You can leverage the affiliation service to earn revenue by referring the ad network to new users by sending referral links.

Digital Tools and Solutions

In addition to using the built-in features of Ezoic, you can access widely used digital solutions like iOS app creator, CloudFlare, and Ad Blocker. These tools help you improve your website’s user experience and increase ad revenue by keeping website visitors engaged.

Ezoic Review: Cons

Monthly Sessions

You can use Ezoic to monetize websites that receive more than 10000 visitors every month. You have to publish content regularly over a period of time to increase the number of monthly sessions to 10000. However, Ezoic helps you monetize websites with less than 10000 monthly sessions by providing educational resources and specific features.

DNS Control

Ezoic requires you to hand over DNS control. The DNS control is a prerequisite to testing ads and assessing user experience. You should opt for Ezoic when you are ready to sacrifice complete control of the website.


Several bloggers and content publishers increase ad revenue significantly using Ezoic Premium. But you upgrade from Ezoic to Ezoic Premium only after receiving an invitation from the company. A large percentage of content creators are yet to receive an invitation to join Ezoic Premium.


Ezoic makes it easier for you to increase revenue by leveraging next-generation technologies. It helps you keep visitors engaged by making your website deliver an optimal user experience. Also, it helps you increase ad revenue by recommending the best-performing layout.

But you can leverage these benefits only by handing over DNS control to Ezoic. Hence, you should consider Ezoic when your website has more than 10000 monthly sessions and you are ready to sacrifice full control of your website or blog site.

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