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Rural Marketing Books Rural Marketing Books

As highlighted by several studies, rural markets have been growing steadily and consistently in recent years. The growth of rural markets is driven by a variety of factors – rising literacy levels, nonfarm employment opportunities, infrastructural development, and government initiatives. Rural marketing creates opportunities for businesses to generate incremental revenue by selling products to non-urban consumers.

However, rural consumers differ from urban consumers in many aspects including demographic features and purchasing power. While making rural marketing strategies, decision-makers must focus on various factors and trends. For instance, they can generate demand and drive sales in rural markets only by combining conventional marketing methods with digital marketing channels.

At the same time, they must consider 4 A’s (affordability, awareness, availability, and acceptability) and 4 P’s (product, price, place, and promotion) while making rural marketing mixes. Many academicians and researchers make it easier for decision-makers to strategize rural marketing campaigns by writing useful and insightful books.

These books cover key aspects like the importance of rural marketing, scope, features/characteristics, types, classifications, and challenges of rural marketing. In addition, they help readers localize rural marketing campaigns by discussing case studies and sharing best practices. We are discussing some of these interesting rural marketing books that help decision-makers leverage the consistent growth of rural marketing.

7 Useful Rural Marketing Books

  1. Rural Marketing: Growing the Non-urban Consumer

Sanal Kumar Velayudhan has written several books on rural marketing. His latest book covers the fundamentals of rural marketing as well as emerging trends in rural marketing. “Rural Marketing: Growing the Non-urban Consumer” helps beginners understand factors that make rural markets different from urban markets.

Also, Velayudhan discusses key concepts that shape the choices and buying behavior of rural customers. At the same time, the recently released book analyzes emerging rural marketing trends and useful rural marketing tools. The author highlights how digitalization and eCommerce have been transforming rural marketing in recent years.

  1. The Future of India’s Rural Markets: A Transformational Opportunity

This book on rural marketing is written by Kunal Sinha who is a leading brand and digital expert based in Jakarta. “The Future of India’s Rural Markets: A Transformational Opportunity” answers 3 fundamental answers about digital marketing. The author is optimistic about the potential of rural marketing in India based on the fact that over 931 million Indians still live in villages.

Sinha helps businesses transition from urban marketing to rural marketing by discussing three questions. He starts the book by analyzing the significance and scope of rural marketing in India. The author subsequently discusses trends and factors transforming rural markets in the country. Finally, he discusses marketing strategies, channels, and tools businesses must leverage to engage with rural consumers meaningfully.

  1. Rural Marketing and Management

This book is the result of a collaboration between two academicians and an innovative entrepreneur. Parth Mukul Gupta is a researcher and entrepreneur, while Deepa Gupta and Mukul Gupta are reputable management professors. “Rural Marketing and Management” covers important concepts like rural market segmentation, consumer behavior, product development, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and promotional activities.

In addition to discussing the challenges of rural marketing, authors help businesses overcome these challenges by citing real-world case studies. At the same time, they help readers implement rural marketing strategies successfully by offering practical insights, making recommendations, and sharing best practices. Both novice and experienced marketers should consider this book to learn the right way to promote products or services in rural markets.

  1. The Essence of Rural Marketing

This basic book on rural marketing is written by Dr Anup Raj who has over 25 years’ experience in industry and academia. “The Essence of Rural Marketing” covers key rural marketing concepts and strategies concisely. Raj makes readers understand rural marketing strategies and concepts deeply by citing examples and sharing short case studies.

At the same time, he focuses on making it easier for readers to understand and memorize commonly used rural marketing terminologies. The summary and objective-type questions at the end of each chapter help readers memorize these terminologies. However, Dr Raj has written the rural marketing book primarily for students preparing for examinations and interviews.

  1. Rural Marketing

The first edition of this popular book on rural marketing was released in 2023. Pradeep Kashyap has been updating the informative books regularly by covering emerging digital marketing trends and new-generation rural marketing trends. The latest edition of “Rural Marketing” was released in 2023. The new edition aims to get readers a 360-degree view of rural marketing.

Kashyap begins the book by discussing the significance and scope of rural marketing. He subsequently discusses the technological and non-technological developments shaping and driving rural marketing. The author helps marketers generate demand and acquire customers in rural markets by sharing case studies from leading brands. The updated edition of the book includes a chapter on new business models.

  1. Rural Marketing in India: Texts and Cases

Three academicians – Debarun Chakraborty, Soumya Kanti Dhara, and Adrinil Santra – have written “Rural Marketing in India: Texts and Cases” for management students. This book is useful for beginners and novice marketers who want to understand the fundamentals of rural marketing in simple language. In addition to describing important rural marketing concepts, the authors provide insights to readers by discussing Indian case studies.

While writing this rural marketing book, the authors kept in mind the syllabi of various universities. Hence, they cover all important concepts in rural marketing. Also, they explain each concept by combining text and cases. At the same time, they foster knowledge retention and application by adding objective-type questions to each question or case.

  1. ABC of Rural Marketing in India

The author of this book – Dr Kumud Nath Jha – is a rural marketing strategist. He has been monitoring the transformation of rural marketing in real time for decades. His experience and expertise are reflected in the comprehensive book of rural marketing. “ABC of Rural Marketing in India” aims to provide information and insights to marketing and sales professionals in various rural markets.

The book helps readers understand important concepts like key elements of rural marketing, rural market segmentation, promotional strategies for rural markets, and rural consumer behavior. Dr Jha further discusses various government initiatives and shared real-time case studies. The combination makes it easier for readers to understand rural marketing from scratch.


Decision-makers can understand various aspects of rural marketing by collecting information from online sources. However, researchers often find books more reliable and credible than online sources. Some of these digital marketing books help undergraduate and postgraduates understand the basics of rural marketing, while others help decision-makers run rural marketing campaigns successfully. Hence, each reader must consider requirements and priorities while comparing these rural marketing books.

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