Free Marketing Automation Platform

Free Marketing Automation Platform Free Marketing Automation Platform

A marketing automation platform enables enterprises to perform various marketing tasks with reduced human intervention and assistance. In addition to automating routine and repetitive marketing tasks, they streamline and boost cross-channel marketing campaigns using Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics.

However, investment in marketing automation platforms often reduces marketing ROI by increasing subscription costs. Many enterprises these days increase marketing ROI by implementing a free marketing automation platform. We are discussing some of these free marketing automation platforms popular with small companies and startups.

Overview of 7 Free Marketing Automation Platforms

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub boosts cross-channel marketing automation by leveraging real-time data. Marketers can leverage the free marketing automation tools provided by the platform to connect and engage with leads at the right time and in the right way by accessing customer data stored in a centralized location.

HubSpot drives lead generation by featuring online form-builder tools. Additionally, it engages website visitors using customized chatbots. In addition to delivering welcome messages, the chatbots interact with website visitors without any human intervention.

At the same time, marketers can save time and resources by combining these free marketing tools with sales, operations, and commerce tools. However, only five users can access the foundational marketing automation tools provided by HubSpot at a time.

Mailchimp Marketing Platform

In addition to automating email marketing campaigns, Mailchimp enables enterprises to create multichannel marketing campaigns. Marketers can reduce email composition time using the customizable templates provided by the software.

At the same time, Mailchimp helps them send personalized emails by tracking customer interactions and mapping customer journeys. At the same time, Mailchimp helps marketers engage and nurture leads by building landing pages, sending postcards, designing ads, and publishing organic social media posts.

Mailchimp features an intuitive dashboard that captures customer information, organizes customer data, and supports customer segmentation. However, marketers can send emails up to a preset limit after signing up for the free edition of the Mailchimp marketing platform.

Brevo Marketing Platform

Brevo Marketing Platform helps enterprises send automated messages to customers using popular channels like emails, SMS, and WhatsApp. Marketers can use specialized tools to grow email lists by embedding custom forms into a website. They can further generate leads by diverting website visitors to landing pages created using customized templates.

Marketers can leverage Brevo to send personalized emails, transactional emails, and targeted text messages to customers. At the same time, this marketing automation platform enables them to send messages to customers using WhatsApp and mobile wallets.

An enterprise can scale up the messages sent to customers using the messaging API provided by the software. The free edition of Brevo allows marketers to send 300 emails per day. However, marketers have the option to use customizable templates and a drag-and-drop editor.


This marketing automation platform helps companies drive customer engagement and foster customer loyalty by sending a variety of automated messages – emails, mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS. OneSignal triggers and sends automated messages based on customer behavior using AI and ML technologies.

It delivers relevant messages by dividing customers into relevant segments. At the same time, the A/B testing tool provided by the software helps marketers pick and send the best version of messages. Marketers can track important metrics like delivery and conversion rates using real-time reports.

The free edition of OneSignal allows enterprises to send 10,000 emails per month. However, subscribers can use an A/B testing tool and send unlimited mobile push messages. An enterprise has to upgrade to premium subscription plans to avail of advanced personalization tools and live activities access.


In addition to using intelligence technologies, VBOUT allows enterprises to build a customized marketing automation platform using add-on features. The tools provided by the platform help businesses automate a slew of marketing tasks – landing page development, lead management, email marketing, and social media activities.

Managers can create automation workflows using easy-to-use templates provided by VBOUT. At the same time, the visual drag-and-drop tool provided by the software makes it easier for them to customize the workflow according to their precise needs without writing longer lines of code.

VBOUT further simplifies the tracking, analysis, and management of multichannel marketing activities using marketing data analytics. VBOUT currently supports customized access control and pricing plans. However, an enterprise can evaluate the marketing automation options provided by VBOUT for 14 days by requesting a free trial.


Blueshift is an AI-powered cross-channel marketing automation platform. It enables marketers to define cross-channel customer experiences and track cross-channel customer journeys using real-time data. The automation platform personalizes customer communications by triggering automated workflows based on customer behavior.

Also, it helps marketers send the best version of messages by providing an A/B testing tool. Marketers can use the software to simplify customer segmentation. At the same time, marketers can use Blueshift to automate and scale marketing campaigns across channels and touchpoints.

AI algorithms help them drive customer engagement by sending the right message at the right time using the right channel. Enterprises can avail of Blueshift as a free marketing automation platform by choosing a free starter plan. However, the free starter plan currently tracks up to 1,00,000 events and supports up to 1,000 profiles per month.


In addition to facilitating CRM digital marketing, Platformly helps enterprises automate email, SMS, and push notification marketing campaigns. It automates and boosts lead generation, nurturing, and conversion by supporting customized automation workflows.

Decision-makers can customize the automation workflow using basic or advanced templates. Hence, it becomes easier for enterprises to the required marketing tasks and activities. Marketers can use Platformly to segment customers using multiple parameters – location, actions, and behavior.

At the same time, the templates provided by the platform help them create and personalize messages to customers without putting in extra time and effort. Enterprises can send 10,000 emails per month by opting for the starter plan. The plan supports a single domain and five integrations while providing a single dashboard.


An organization can increase marketing ROI by implementing a free marketing automation platform. However, free editions of marketing automation tools usually lack advanced automation features and tools. Also, most of these platforms restrict the number of users or period of usage. Hence, decision-makers should consider both marketing automation needs and budget while comparing the free marketing automation tools.

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