Customer Journey Tracking Tools

Customer Journey Tracking Tools Customer Journey Tracking Tools

Every customer takes specific actions before and after making a purchase decision. Marketers influence the purchase decision of a customer only by delivering personalized and targeted content according to her preferences and behavior.

They prepare customer journey maps to understand her expectations and optimize her experience according to the current stage in the buyer’s journey – awareness, consideration, decision, retention, or advocacy.

You can automate customer journey tracking and mapping across channels using specialized software solutions. The customer journey tracking tools collect important information about customers across channels.

Also, they help you convert leads into customers by identifying the most effective channels and touchpoints. You can track and map customer journeys using different categories of customer journey tracking tools.

For instance, you can get a unified view of the customer journey using customer journey analytics tools. The analytics tools combine marketing, sales, and customer data gathered from various sources. At the same time, you can use customer behavioral tracking tools to understand, measure, and analyze customer behavior.

We are making it easier for you to automate customer journey tracking and mapping by discussing some of the widely-used customer journey tracking tools.

7 of the Widely-Used Customer Journey Tracking Tools

1. Lucidchart

The customized templates provided by Lucidchart help you create customer journey maps in minutes. Also, you can assess customer experience accurately by creating customer journey maps from the perspective of buyers.

You also have the option to boost engagement and increase revenue by targeting specific buyer personas. In addition to facilitating customer journey visualization, Lucidchart enables you to share customer journey maps with teams managing specific channels or touchpoints.

Hence, you can make comprehensive customer journey maps based on the input shared by various teams. Your organization can use Lucidchart by choosing from four pricing plans – free, individual, team, and enterprise.

2. Smaply

Smaply comes with built-in tools for generating customer journey maps, customer personas, and system maps. You can use the customer journey mapping tool to identify business opportunities by discovering customer pain points.

Likewise, you can understand a customer’s needs and preferences using the personal mapping tool. At the same time, the system mapping tool helps you visualize the entire ecosystem consisting of employees, clients, and suppliers.

You can evaluate Smaply by choosing the free version. But the free version allows you to create 2 persona maps and 3 journey maps. You can generate more customer journey maps by upgrading to the basic, pro, or enterprise edition of the software.

3. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio comes with tools to simplify the development of diagrams and flowcharts. But leading companies use Visio to visualize customer journeys. The software makes it easier for marketers to create customer journey maps by accelerating repetitive tasks.

While mapping the customer journey, you have the option to use a variety of shapes, stencils, and objects provided by the software. But Microsoft Visio, unlike other customer journey tracking tools, does not provide ready-to-use templates.

You have to start creating customer journey maps from scratch while using the software. Your organization can use Microsoft Visio based on various subscription and one-time purchase pricing options.

4. Reveall

Reveall simplifies customer journey tracking and understanding by unifying data from diverse sources. You can use the software to create a centralized data repository by importing real-time customer data across channels.

The centralized data repository makes it easier for you to understand customer problems and key customer findings. Also, you can leverage real-time data to create customer journey maps and product roadmaps aligned with customers’ needs.

You can boost data collection and centralization by integrating Reveall with many widely-used data storage tools and apps. Your team can evaluate the customer journey tracking tool on a free trial basis.

5. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

The customer journey analytics solution launched by Adobe visualizes customer journeys based on real-time data collected across engagement touchpoints. Adobe Customer Journey Analytics unifies data collected from various sources.

Hence, it becomes easier for you to understand and track customer journeys completely. The software enables you to visualize the customer journey end-to-end and get actionable insights gained using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

In addition to tracking customer journeys, you can use the software to discover high-value customers. Also, you can boost customer experiences by making data-driven decisions based on real-time customer interactions. However, you have to access the features of the customer journey tracking solution as a core package.

6. InMoment

InMoment helps focuses on boosting customer experience by leveraging human expertise and cutting-edge technologies. The software simplifies customer journey tracking and mapping by gathering data across touchpoints.

The data unification helps you create marketing programs that meet the needs of your customers and business. Your employees can use InMoment to recognize important customer moments and respond to the moments proactively.

Hence, they can grow the number of most-valued customers consistently by connecting with them in the most-effective way. You have the option to choose from three editions of InMoment – CoreCX, Enterprise, and Custom. Also, you can evaluate each of these editions by requesting a demo.

7. Optimove

Optimove modernizes customer journey tracking and mapping using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Like other customer journey tracking tools, Optimove unified customer data collected from diverse sources.

But it helps you find customer engagement opportunities by providing actionable insights gained by analyzing cross-channel data using intelligence technologies. The non-technical users can leverage smart insights to understand customers and boost their experiences.

Likewise, marketers can leverage actionable insights to influence customers by sending optimized messages through multiple channels. Optimove helps your business track customer journey and boost campaign performances accurately using self-optimizing algorithms.


You can understand customer behavior and optimize customer experience using specific customer journey tracking software. But customer journey tracking tools differ from each other in many aspects, including features, usability, integration options, and pricing.

Also, certain tools track the customer journey across specific channels or touchpoints. Hence, you should compare this widely used customer journey tracking solutions elaborately. The comparison will help you invest in a customer journey tracking tool that fits your precise needs.

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