Best AI Content Writing Tools

Best AI Content Writing Tools Best AI Content Writing Tools

Many market researchers consider content as the new oil in the business. Content writers need adequate time to create and optimize content on various topics. Likewise, they need ideas and inspiration to engage the target audience by creating standout content.

The best AI content writing tools reduce the time, effort, and cost required to produce high-quality and user-focused content. Many content writers already use AI-driven content writing tools to find engaging content ideas and overcome writer’s block.

Also, they leverage the writing aid to automate routine tasks like writing summaries, headlines, captions, and outlines. However, content writers and digital marketers prioritize ChatGPT over other AI content writing solutions. We are making it easier for you to speed up content writing by discussing some of the best AI content writing tools available in the market.

Comparing 10 of the Best AI Content Writing Tools


The free AI content writing tool provided by HubSpot allows you to generate content by entering a topic or a prompt. You can use the tool to generate a variety of content – articles, blogs, ad copies, social media posts, marketing emails, and web pages – in minutes.

Additionally, you can use the marketing tools provided by HubSpot to share the content with the target audience across channels. However, many bloggers have highlighted the ineffectiveness of the tool in generating high-quality content from scratch. You have to revise and finetune the AI-generated content to engage and influence the target audience.


The GenAI platform enables you to produce and customize content using a slew of tools. You can use AI writing assistance to generate customized content using the appropriate template. Likewise, you can use specific tools to rewrite existing content and summarize textual and visual content.

The free version of Wordtune currently supports 10 rewrites, 3 summaries, and 3 AI prompts per day. You have to upgrade to the unlimited plan to access summaries, AI prompts, rewrites, text corrections, and text suggestions without any restrictions.

Surfer AI

It is one of the best AI content-writing tools that target both search engines and searchers. You can use Surfer AI to generate articles simply by entering the main keyword. At the same time, you have the option to optimize the content by selecting the appropriate template and tone of voice.

Surfer AI optimizes the content for search engines by considering over 500 ranking factors. Also, it allows you to review and finetune the content before publication. However, you can speed up content generation only by subscribing to one of the four premium monthly plans.

LongShot AI

LongShot AI accelerates content generation by providing plug-and-play templates. Also, you can integrate it seamlessly with several widely used content writing aids, including Copyscape, Medium, and HubSpot. However, it is one of the AI content writing tools that overcomes the shortcomings of ChatGPT by conducting fact-checking.

LongShot AI checks the accuracy of information referring to several reliable sources. Also, it makes it easier for you to optimize the content for search engines by providing SEO research tools. However, you have to subscribe to one of the premium plans to create and publish fact-checked content.


Reword boosts content writing automation by providing useful tools like headline generator, subheading generator, and content idea generator. You can use the tool to generate long-form content simply by asking relevant questions. Reword ensures information accuracy by providing citations.

Also, you can optimize the AI-generated content using editorial suggestions made by human professionals. You can evaluate Reword over two weeks by requesting a free trial. But you have to upgrade to a premium plan after the trial period to get unlimited AI assistance, projects, and writers.


Writerly enables users to create, share, and collaborate on various types of content by providing a slew of solutions. You can use Creator Cloud to access an AI workspace consisting of templates, AI models, and collaboration tools. Likewise, you can produce and deliver content on the go using Writerly Go as a Chrome Extension.

However, you have to pay a monthly fee to access the Writerly Business Suite. You have to pay more to leverage the AI content writing tool to increase the word count of content. Also, you may find it challenging to customize the templates provided by Writerly according to individual blogs, articles, or ad copies.


Simplified accelerates content creation by providing an AI copywriting generator. You can use the tool to create a variety of content – web pages, articles, blogs, social media posts, and ad copies. Also, you have the option to choose specific copywriting generators for long-form and short-form content.

In addition to providing over 50 AI templates, Simplified allows you to set the language and tone. However, the free version of the tool currently supports 2000 words per seat. You have to subscribe to AI Writer Pro to increase words per seat and number of users.


WordAI is an AI rewriting tool. It transforms content restructuring sentences completely. It ensures content originality by describing ideas in different ways. At the same time, WordAI passes AI content plagiarism checkers by humanizing the content completely.

You still have the option to refine the rewritten content using editorial controls. However, you cannot use WordAI to generate content based on specific topics or ideas. Also, you may find it challenging to customize and alter the content due to limited editing options.


It is one of the best AI content writing tools that generate both textual content and images. Copymatic allows you to choose from an array of AI writing tools according to the type of content to be produced. For instance, you can use specific AI tools to generate social media posts, ad copies, and blogs.

You can simplify content generation using Copymatic as a Chrome extension or an AI chat assistant. But you have to put in extra time and effort to revise and refine the content due to the absence of robust editing options. Also, you can access the tool only by subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan.


Rytr generates unique and insightful content using advanced AI language models. While using the AI content writing tool, you have the option to use over 40 templates, 30 languages, and 20 tones of voice. Additionally, you can customize the content using copywriting formulas like PAS and AIDA.

Rytr allows you to edit the content and check for plagiarism. Also, you can speed up content generation by installing Rytr as a Chrome extension. The free version of Rytr supports 10,000 characters per month. You have to upgrade to the saver or unlimited plan to increase the character count and access more languages and tones.


You can speed up content writing and editing using several AI content writing tools. The best AI content writing tools can be broadly divided into two categories – ChatGPT and ChatGPT alternatives. Each AI-powered content writing solution accelerates content production by providing ready-to-use templates and easy-to-use editors.

But every popular AI content writing tool has pros and cons. Also, some of the AI-powered tools are pricier than others. You must compare these widely-use AI writing assistants by gathering neutral information and reading reviews. Also, you should prioritize tools that automate content and image creation simultaneously.

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