AdThrive Review

AdThrive Review AdThrive Review

Professional bloggers these days make significant amounts of money by publishing blogs, vlogs, and podcasts regularly. There are many ad networks that help bloggers monetize their websites and earn recurring income.  AdThrive is a prominent advertising optimization and management solution for bloggers.

The latest statistics posted on suggest that AdThrive is currently used by 2551 websites and has gained a market share of 3.32%. AdThrive is one of the ad networks that create opportunities for bloggers to earn recurring revenue in the longer run. It outperforms competitors by leveraging technologies and providing hands-on customer service.

But AdThrive is one of the ad networks with lower acceptance rates. Also, a blogger can earn recurring income through this ad monetization network only when the website has more than 100,000 monthly page views. Hence, you need to keep in mind AdThrive’s essential features and consider its pros and cons while comparing leading ad networks for bloggers.

AdThrive Review: Important Features

Ad Optimization and Management Services

In addition to connecting bloggers with advertisers, AdThrive provides customized ad optimization and management service. The team at AdThrive helps bloggers generate more revenue by optimizing and managing ads. These services enable you to focus only on writing high-quality content instead of managing ads.

Google Certified Publishing Partner

AdThrive is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The badge depicts the ad network’s expertise and reputation. While reviewing applications, AdThrive evaluates the data submitted by bloggers based on Google Analytics data. Further, it measures ad performance and customizes the dashboard based on Google Analytics data.

Joining Requirements

A blogger can monetize his website using AdThrive only when the monthly pageviews exceed 100000. Also, AdThrive requires bloggers to install Google Analytics and verifies website performance based on Google Analytics data. At the same time, AdThrive approves websites that get the most visitors from the UK, USA, CA, AU, or NZ.


An intuitive dashboard is one of the key features of the ad management solution provided by AdThrive. The dashboard helps bloggers measure ad performance and track ad revenues without putting in extra time and effort. Also, bloggers can use the analytics offered dashboard to generate a variety of reports on demand.

Revenue Sharing

AdThrive shares 75% of its revenues with content publishers. Also, it creates opportunities for bloggers to increase revenue by supporting $13 to $15 RPM. Hence, bloggers prefer AdThrive to other ad networks to increase recurring income consistently.

Payment Methods

AdThrive makes payments to bloggers every 45 days. It has set a minimum threshold of $25 for payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, cheques, and local bank transfers. But the ad network increases the payment threshold to $100 when a blogger opts for wire transfers.

AdThrive Review: Pros

Simple and Fast Onboarding

Despite the stricter approval process, AdThrive keeps the onboarding process fast and simple. A blogger can sign up for the website monetization solution by providing information divided into three categories – Site Info, Site Traffic, and Ad Setup. A beginner can straightforwardly submit the information through a series of pages.

Video Ads

Like other ad networks, AdThrive supports multiple ad formats and layouts – header ads, sidebar ads, sticky sidebar ads, content ads, and footer ads. But it is one of the ad networks that support video ads. It allows bloggers to run video ads on their pages despite not embedding video content. The video ads create opportunities for you to earn more revenue regularly. 

Ad Quality

AdThrive makes ads generate more revenue for bloggers by ensuring that there is no impact on the website’s loading speed and user experience. Also, it boosts ad performance by choosing the best ad layout on the web page.


AdThrive makes it easier for bloggers to track ad performance and ad revenue by providing an intuitive dashboard. You can use the dashboard to generate multiple reports in minutes. Also, you can break down the traffic information using multiple metrics.

High RPM

AdThrive currently supports average ad revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) ranging from $13 to $15. The RPM is much higher than the average supported by many leading ad networks. Many bloggers switch from other ad networks to AdThrive to increase revenue by leveraging the higher RPM.

75% Revenue Sharing

There are a few ad networks that share 75% of revenue with publishers. For instance, Google AdSense shares 68% of ad revenue with publishers. But AdThrive makes publishers generate more revenue by sharing 75% of their earnings with content publishers.

Hands-on Customer Support

AdThrive beats other ad networks in the category of customer support. The hands-on support helps content publishers answer questions and resolve issues in minutes. A blogger can access customer support by sending emails or joining an active Facebook group for publishers.

AdThrive Review: Cons

Stricter Approval Rules

Often beginners and novice bloggers look for AdThrive alternatives to speed up approval. AdThrive has stricter acceptance guidelines than other leading ad networks. Also, the website monetization solution has a lower acceptance rate of 15-20%.

Minimum Monthly Page View

According to the eligibility criteria set by AdThrive, your blog site or website must have a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews. Hence, you have to publish and promote blogs for several months to meet the minimum traffic threshold set by this ad network. 

Majority Traffic Sources

AdThrive is the best blog monetization option for sites that receive a majority of traffic from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  You cannot increase ad revenues if your website receives traffic from specific regions like India.

Absence of Communities

Certain ad networks promote online communities. Active members of the community help bloggers increase revenue by sharing ideas and best practices. Also, they make it easier for beginners to solve recurring issues. You will lack the option to belong to an online community when you opt for AdThrive.


AdThrive is one of the ad networks that create opportunities for you to generate recurring income in the longer run. But your website must have 100,000 monthly page views and meet the stricter acceptance guidelines set by the ad monetization network to make money. That is why; you must keep in mind the pros and cons of AdThrive to choose the right website monetization option.

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