Best Video Marketing Tools for 2023

Best Video Marketing Tools for 2023 Best Video Marketing Tools for 2023

The noteworthy video consumption statistics compiled by Techjury suggest that an internet user spends an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos. Also, 66% of netizens use videos as the primary source of income and 99% of businesses gain new customers by posting branded videos. 

These statistics indicate the huge significance of video marketing for companies and startups in 2023. Your business can get a positive return by increasing investment in video marketing. But you cannot make video marketing campaigns successful only by creating and publishing different types of marketing videos.

In addition to creating perfect branded videos, you must leverage the video content to promote awareness, engagement, and education through various social and digital channels. There is a slew of software tools that help your business implement video marketing strategies without investing extra time and resources.

Some of these video marketing tools help you create, edit, and publish professional videos, while others make you track and boost the performance of video marketing campaigns. We are identifying some of these widely-used video marketing tools that help your company or startup to get higher ROI in 2023 by leveraging the surge in online video consumption.

10 Awesome Video Marketing Tools Your Business Should Leverage in 2023

1. Video Marketing Blaster

This Windows-based video marketing tool helps you divert targeted traffic to the videos using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. You can consider Video Marketing Blaster to create and publish videos optimized for Google and YouTube. The software identifies relevant and related keywords for your video. Also, it optimizes the video’s title, description, and tags by embedding the right keywords. However, the software does not provide you with video-making and video-editing tools.

2. Wideo

Wideo helps you tell the brand story by creating, sharing, and publishing animated videos. You should consider this software to create videos for marketing campaigns and social media in minutes. In addition to choosing from hundreds of templates, you have the option to use stock footage and drag-and-drop graphics. Also, you can create videos in MP4 format by uploading your own videos. The drag-and-drop editor provided by the software makes it easier for you to customize videos by adding text to the templates.

3. Videoshop

Unlike other video marketing software tools, Videoshop delivers a versatile video editing experience. It enables entrepreneurs and working professionals to create promotional videos while traveling for work. You can opt for Videos to share information about your brand using social media messaging. The software creates opportunities for you to create quick snippets of videos without putting in extra time and effort. However, you can remove the watermark from the video clicks only by subscribing to the pro version of Videoshop.

4. Animaker

The video-making tools provided by Animaker help you make a variety of animated video content – marketing videos, advertisement videos, Facebook videos, and promo videos. In addition to using prebuilt templates, you have the option to choose from several video styles and use custom fonts. Animaker optimizes the videos for web browsers using an HTML5 engine.  You can make the branded videos stand out by creating unique characters and embedding stock videos and images.

5. FlexClip

FlexClip is another marketing tool that can also be used for editing and making your marketing videos in no time. It offers various types of built-in video templates in different categories. It is user-friendly and has tons of valuable features that can help you significantly enhance your video. It also lets you design your logos and make animated videos, promos, and social media videos. The new auto subtitle generator will make your video editing easier.

6. WeVideo

You can use this cloud-based video editing tool to create professional videos using a computer or mobile device. WeVideo makes it easier for you to create branded videos by providing access to a large collection of videos, images, track music, and other stock media. At the same time, you have the option to customize each video by adding your company logo, call-to-actions, information cards, and own graphics,

7. Promo

As its name suggests, this online software helps businesses create a variety of videos by providing a variety of templates and tools. In addition to providing video-making and video editing tools, Promo makes it easier for you to photos and GIFs to branded videos. Also, you can choose from many classic and trending video templates according to your campaign goal, industry, and targeted channel. You can customize the videos by adding to your branding style by adding logos, colors, and fonts.

8. Biteable

You can consider this widely-used video marketing solution to create a variety of videos – advertising, explainer, marketing, training, and presentation. Many decision-makers use Biteable to share important information with employees, clients, and other stakeholders in the form of videos. At the same time, leading brands use this software to create promotional videos using prebuilt templates. Also, Biteable allows users to customize videos by adding textual content, animation, and recorded videos.

9. YouTube Analytics

Most businesses run video marketing campaigns by creating channels and posting videos on YouTube. But they can make the campaigns successful only by measuring and tracking the performance of YouTube videos using relevant metrics. YouTube Analytics helps you measure and improve the performance of branded videos by proving a variety of information. Also, it simplifies the analysis of data using many metrics, graphs, and metrics.

10. Tubular

This video analytics tool helps you create videos that drive customer acquisition and increase conversion rates. Your team can use Tubular to identify the video content your customers watch, like, prefer, and interact with. In addition to measuring video performance using the right KPIs, Tubular helps users track changes in consumer behavior and interest. It further boosts the performance of branded videos using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

11. Vidyard

Vidyard is one of the video marketing tools that feature video creation and video analytics tools. You can use the video creator solution to record, edit, upload, share, and optimize videos effortlessly. Also, you can introduce your business at the beginning of the video by embedding banners. At the same time, the video analytics dashboard makes it easier for you to gather details of individual viewers and measure video performance using the appropriate KPIs.


You have the option to choose from many video marketing tools in 2023. Most of these video marketing platforms simplify branded video recording, editing, and optimization by providing tools, templates, and libraries. Also, some of these video marketing software tools help you measure and monitor video performance using analytics. Hence, you can invest in the right video marketing tools to present your brand voice by leveraging video as a massively popular communication channel in 2023.

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