A Video Guide to Google AdSense

Google Adsense Guide A Video Guide to Google AdSense

The content creators and publishers can monetize their online content using a wide range of ad serving applications and platforms. But Google AdSense currently dominates the online adverting network market with a whopping market share of 60.87%. Why bloggers and content publishers rely on AdSense to generate recurring income? And what makes Google AdSense different from other paid advertising networks? I get these questions everyday and so I thought of preparing this Google Adsense Guide for website owners.

Google Adsense Guide

I have prepared the Google Adsense Guide video in collaboration with the leading online training provider – Edureka – aim to answer these important questions about Google AdSense. The combination of easy-to-understand content and insights shared by a passionate digital marketer will help both novices and experienced digital marketers to understand the important aspects – both basic and advanced – of the online ad network designed by Google in less than 65 minutes.

Please watch the video till the end to get frequently asked questions answered by Google AdSense.

  • How paid ad networks help content creators/publishers and advertisers?
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • What types of content-based ads does Google AdSense support?
  • How does AdSense work?
  • How do content creators and publishers generate recurring income through AdSense?
  • What are the methods of payment that AdSense currently supports?
  • How can content creators maximize AdSense revenue?
  • How WordPress blog owners can increase AdSense revenue?
  • What mistakes bloggers must avoid to avoid the risk of ban by AdSense?
  • How to set up a paid search campaign from the scratch?
  • What are the commonly used metrics for evaluating AdSense campaigns?
  • How to monitor and measure the performance of AdSense campaigns?
  • How to optimize the performance of AdSense campaigns?

We have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Google AdSense. Do you want to ask specific questions related to the popular paid ad network? Help us make the content more useful by posting your questions and doubts on Google Ad Sense as comments.

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