Top 6 Programming Languages for iOS App Development in 2022

Programming Languages for iOS App Development Top 6 Programming Languages for iOS App Development in 2022

Take a minute to think about how many times you use apps (like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) each day? Multiple times, isn’t it? It is not surprising that the demand for mobile applications has grown steadily since the invention of the smartphone. No one doubts the future of mobile application development and mobile programming languages on the surface. The days when companies can ignore mobile users are over.

Suppose you are taking the plunge to build your mobile application to grab the user’s attention. In that case, you need to focus on building robust, easy-to-use, and innovative applications by choosing the right technology and the correct programming language. When selecting multiple mobile programming languages, you need to consider numerous factors, weaknesses, strengths, and popularity of the language before deciding to develop mobile applications.

This article has selected some of the best programming languages ​​for iOS app development. It will help you to choose the best language to get started quickly.

1.     Java

Twenty-five years later, Java is still the most popular programming language among developers despite all-new competitors. In a world where new technologies are rapidly replacing old technologies, nothing can replace Java. One of the main reasons Java is the first choice for all application developers is that it is easy to learn and get started. It also provides extensive community support for new developers.

Java is a powerful programming language for mobile applications. Some of the best iOS and Android applications, such as Twitter, Spotify, and the Android operating system, are all developed using Java. Here are some of the best features of Java:

  • Java is simple, and its easy-to-understand syntax is easier to read than Python and other coding languages ​​to develop mobile applications.
  • As an object-oriented programming language, it can better handle the complexity of real-world applications.
  • With Java’s rich API, you can integrate more content into your application.
  • Java’s rich community support helps new developers genuinely hone their skills and never be stuck without any form of help.
  • Another thing we like about Java is that Java is a strongly typed language. It means that you will catch many mistakes you make as a beginner.

Java is among the best programming languages for application development, particularly if you start application development and need a programming language that covers everything.

2.    Python

It is one of the popular open-source programming languages ​​among developers today because it is easy to use and read. It supports specific well-known platforms (such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Quora) and is also helpful for computer and scientific applications (such as Abacus and FreeCAD). It is also used in 2D and 3D animation packages such as Autodesk and popular video games.

It is a high-level programming language but easy to read, learn and write English-like syntax. It improves the efficiency of developers and allows you to focus on complex issues instead of basic coding. It also provides portability which means you can use the same code for different devices.

That said, it has a slow execution and can affect the speed of your application. Furthermore, it requires a lot of storage space and is inefficient for database management.

3.    Swift

If you are considering developing iOS (such as iPhone or iPad app development), you should consider learning Swift in 2021. It has replaced Objective C and has become the language of choice for iOS application development. It is similar to Python and the official iOS programming language, which is enough to learn the Swift programming language.

Here are some advantages of the Swift programming language.

  • Swift has a good IDE called Xcode, which is self-contained and includes libraries to make it easy to use in the workspace.
  • Swift is a type-safe language, easy to understand, read, and code, and catches most novice errors during compile time.
  •  Swift can be applied to server work. Since most companies have their framework or use one of the larger frameworks, this is still a new concept that is difficult to implement.

4.    C/C++

C is one of the oldest and fastest programming languages ​​and forms the most popular languages ​​such as C#, JavaScript, and Java. C ++ is an extended version of C. Two languages ​​are essential for a computer science and programming career. C and C ++ developers can use compilers on most platforms and because they are high-performance languages, performance-critical programs for kernel development, client/server applications, large commercial products (Adobe and Firefox).

C / C ++ also plays a vital role in computer graphics, virtual reality, and game development, all of which are expected to grow by 2021. Most large companies want C / C ++ skills which means you must learn them.

5.    PHP

PHP is one of the most recommended programming languages for mobile applications that require database access. It is an open-source language used for command-line scripting, server-side scripting, and coding applications. It is widely used to build e-commerce applications, dynamic web applications, mobile applications, and content-heavy apps. It is a flexible language that can be easily embedded in HTML or HTML5. Popular PHP websites include Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.

The advantages of PHP are:

  • Easy to learn, very compatible with smooth integration, and platform-independent.
  • In-built security functions protect against complex security threats.
  • Ideal for content-heavy applications, it can load quickly even if your internet connection is slow.
  • Excellent for a learner, so you can quickly learn complex program development.

6.    JavaScript

Believe it or not, JavaScript is the number one language on the web. With the advent of frameworks like jQuery, Vue, Svelte, Angular, and React.js, JavaScript is more popular. Since you cannot stay away from the web, it is good to learn JavaScript as soon as possible.

Even if you are not using ReactJS or AngularJS, there are plenty of other JavaScript-based libraries (like jQuery). It is also the primary language for client-side authentication. JavaScript is worth learning. The best thing about JavaScript is that it is a true full-stack development language, and you can use it to build front-end GUI, back-end servers, and even mobile applications. The popular JavaScript framework allows you to develop cross-platform applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. We strongly recommend that you choose JavaScript because of its universal appeal and popularity. A good JavaScript developer can do a lot of work.


These are the few best programming languages for iOS App Development. But just programming languages is not enough, also work on improving your iOS App developer skills. Whether you are building an iOS, Android, or cross-platform application, the above-listed programming languages are highly recommended. We hope this will save you valuable time and spend more time learning and developing your application. Regardless of what you choose, you can use all the languages on this list to create great applications. You also need to keep an eye on the top programming languages to learn to keep yourself updated.

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