Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Most enterprises these days launch different and multiple digital marketing campaigns to get a higher return on investment (ROI). Digital marketers cannot monitor and manage various digital marketing campaigns – search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and web advertising – without using the right software solutions and tools. Most digital marketers these days use digital marketing automation tools to automate repetitive digital marketing activities.

The widely used Chrome extensions for digital marketers enable digital marketers to automate specific digital marketing activities without investing in proprietary digital marketing automation frameworks and tools. Every digital marketer has the option to choose from many extensions from the Chrome Web Store according to automate specific digital marketing activities. Hence, she can download and install the appropriate Chrome extension to save the time and effort required to run and manage multiple campaigns.

20 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers to Facilitate Digital Marketing Automation

1) Wappalyzer

No marketer can run digital marketing campaigns successfully without optimizing the website’s user experience. Digital marketers have to use the right web technologies and tools to make a website deliver a superior user experience. Wappalyzer makes it easier for digital marketers to identify the technologies used by popular and competitor websites. A digital marketer can use this extension to identify a wide range of technologies used by the targeted website – programming language, content management systems (CMS), content delivery network (CDN), customer relationship management (CRM), payment processor, digital marketing tools, and analytics.

2) Keyword Surfer

This free Chrome extension is designed with features to automate a slew of SEO activities – keyword research, search data access, and content creation. Digital marketers and content creators can leverage the NLP-driven content editor provided by Keyword Surfer to research, create, and optimize content for SEO campaigns without leaving their web browsers. At the same time, they can leverage the extension’s native features to identify relevant keywords, validate target keywords, and get content ideas. But the popular Chrome extensions for digital marketers support a single search engine – Google.

3) SEOquake

The free Chrome extension for digital marketers is designed with features to automate several SEO activities. A digital marketer can use SEOquake to access important SEO metrics and social statistics on demand. Also, SEOquake helps users to boost the search visibility of their websites by conducting complete SEO audits. The users also have the option to use default parameters as well as set custom parameters. In addition to being compatible with popular Chrome extensions, SEOquake comes with tools to automate internal and external link analysis, keyword density assessment, and complete SEO audits.

4) Sniply: Drive Conversion through Content

As its name indicates, the popular Chrome extension increases website traffic and boosts lead generation activities by optimizing the content shared on online platforms. Digital marketers can leverage Sniply to embed custom call-to-actions into every article or blog shared by them. While sharing digital content, digital marketers can use Sniply to run content marketing campaigns simply by embedding custom messages into the content. The extension will ask digital marketers to embed a message or call to action each time they share any link. Many digital marketers leverage Sniply to generate leads, promote content, increase website traffic, and increase conversion without putting in extra time and effort.

5) OKtoPost

The simple Chrome extension helps digital marketers to post and share content on popular social networking platforms. A digital marketer can use OKtoPost to share digital content to social media profiles directly from the web browser. Also, she can measure the performance of the content using important parameters like clicks, conversations, and leads. Many digital marketers use this Chrome extension to leverage the features provided by the widely used social media management platform – OKtoPost.

6) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo makes it easier for digital marketers to share content on social networks and access social media engagement data about the content. A digital marketer can use this Chrome extension to share content on three popular social networking platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, she can use BuzzSumo to measure the performance of the social media content by counting the number of shares, identifying who shared the content, and viewing backlink counts. Also, they can boost social media campaigns by identifying the most shared content and analyzing the top-performing content formats.

7) LINER – Search Assistant & Web Highlighter

While planning inbound marketing campaigns, digital marketers have to put extra time and effort to assess the reliability of information gathered from diverse online sources. Liner makes it easier for digital marketers to reliable information. A digital marketer can use Liner as a robust web highlighter tool to get the most important sentences on a web page highlighted automatically. Also, Liner is designed with features to display pages trusted by other users, simplify Googling experience, and add comments while conducting research.

8) SEO Pro Extension

SEO Pro Extension is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for digital marketers. As its name suggests, the extension is developed with features to help users gather and analyze important SEO information about a website. A digital marketer can use this Chrome extension to assess a website’s search visibility and presence based on important information like title, meta description, H1-H6 tags, canonical URL, meta robots tags, HTTP status code, XMS sitemap, robots.txt, structured data, images, and internal and external links.

9) Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The Chrome extension is used widely by digital marketers to evaluate the search visibility of a web page in a few minutes by generating on-page SEO reports. A digital marketer can use Ahrefs SEO Toolbar to generate an on-page SEO report that includes important information like title, description, canonical URL, headers, subheaders, word count, social tags, localization, and indexability. Also, she can use this Chrome extension to automate routine SEO tasks like identifying broken outgoing links, testing redirects, differentiating followed links from nofollowed links, and checking search results.

10) Headline Studio by CoSchedule

CoSchedule has developed this Chrome extension with features to help digital marketers and content writers to increase website traffic by writing better blog headlines. While writing blogs and articles, digital marketers leverage Headline Studio as a headline analyzer to evaluate and analyze headlines simply by clicking on a button. Headline Studio uses advanced algorithms to score headlines, suggest data-driven headlines, check the history of headlines, and see top-performing headlines.  The users can further refer to a dictionary to finetune the headlines by finding meaning, synonyms, and alternatives.

11) Page Analytics (by Google)

The Chrome extension developed by Google helps digital marketers to understand how customers interact with specific web pages and content. A digital marketer can use Page Analytics to know how customers interact with content using two important parameters – what they click and what they don’t click. Also, Phage analytics helps users to gather a variety of useful information – page views, unique page views, bounce rate, average time spent, and page clicks. The actionable insights gained using this Chrome extension help digital marketers to improve the conversion rate by making the content more engaging and the website delivers a superior user experience.

12) Bitly | Powerful Short Links

According to Wikipedia, “URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect which links to the web page that has a long URL.

Digital marketers can use Bitly to create short, customized, and powerful links in a few seconds. Despite shortening URLs, Bitly keeps the link recognizable. Digital marketers also have the option to customize and brand the short URL to drive more visitors to the web page. Many digital marketers find it easier to shorten URLs using this Chrome extension instead of the Bitly website.

13) HTTPS Everywhere

Google has already started using HTTPS as a ranking signal to persuade websites to use secure and encrypted connections. Digital marketers can easily boost a website’s search visibility by upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS Everywhere helps digital marketers to boost the search visibility of multiple websites by switching from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS. In addition to boosting a website’s search visibility, this Chrome extension protects the website from many targeted security attacks. 

14) Grammarly for Chrome

This widely used Chrome extension enables digital marketers to leverage a hugely popular online writing assistant Grammarly. Millions of digital marketers install Grammarly for Chrome to improve content engagement and clarity by reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to eliminating writing errors, Grammarly helps users to improve the content’s style, content, and readability. At the same time, the suggestions and assistance offered by Grammarly help digital marketers to convey a variety of information in a clear and concise way. The writing assistance tool is fully compatible with Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

15) Hashtest

In a short span of time, hashtag marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Most digital marketers these days use hashtags as a powerful marketing tool to make social media content associated with brands, people, and businesses. But they have to focus on a slew of factors to choose the best hashtags. Hashtest makes it easier for digital marketers to deliver social media content to the correct audience by finding the best hashtags. The Chrome extensions compare and recommend hashtags by analyzing a large amount of data.

16) Yesware for Chrome

Yesware is developed as an all-in-one toolset for salespeople. Digital marketers can leverage the free Chrome extensions to automate a variety of routine activities – email marketing, lead nurturing, and meeting scheduling. They can nurture leads using follow-up email templates and schedule both automated and manual emails. Also, they can track the performance of email marketing campaigns by knowing the number of recipients opening the emails, clicking on links, and seeing the attachments. Yesware makes it easier for digital marketers to know what is working and what is not by features reporting and analytics.

17) Socialpeeks Influencer Analyzer

As its name suggests, this Chrome extension helps digital marketers to automate influencer marketing campaigns. Many digital marketers leverage Socialpeeks Influencer Analyzer to influence the purchase decisions of customers by collaborating with the right campaign influencers on Instagram. A digital marketer can use Socialpeeks Influencer Analyzer to identify and compare influencers using a variety of parameters – Instagram account type, engagement rate, top-performing posts, and previous sponsored posts. Also, the digital marketer can use the extension to contact the influencer immediately by getting her contact email address.

18) Eboost Ad Spy

While planning paid social media advertisement campaigns, most digital marketers these days choose Facebook due to its massive popularity. But they need ideas and information to increase ROI on Facebook ads. Eboost Ad Spy helps digital marketers to design and run Facebook ads by seeing Facebook ads of other businesses and brands. A digital marketer can use free Chrome extensions to see the ads run by a business or brand on Facebook simply by clicking on an icon. Also, she can identify associated ads by accessing the extension from the competitor’s Facebook page.

19) Buffer

In addition to creating and publishing fresh content, digital marketers these days share existing digital content on popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Buffer is a simple and light Chrome extension that makes it easier for users to share content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a single click. The users can integrate Buffer seamlessly into various websites. Hence, they can share interesting and relevant content on social media by simply clicking on the share button. Digital marketers can use Buffet to both post and schedule great online content.

20) Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

The search engine algorithms and social media trends these days change frequently. Digital marketers have to gather information, tip, and ideas from diverse sources to run SEO and social media marketing campaigns successfully. While conducting research, they need to ensure that nobody is tracking their activities. Ghostery makes it easier for digital marketers to protect their privacy while conducting research or collecting ideas. In addition to blocking trackers, Ghostery removed advertisements, offers multiple displays, and speed up page loading speed.

Every digital marketer has the option to choose from thousands of Chrome extensions. She must use multiple Chrome extensions for digital marketers to automate different digital marketing activities. In addition to using widely used extensions, she needs to experiment with new extensions regularly. It is also important to switch to new Chrome extensions for digital marketers to plan, manage, and track digital marketing campaigns more efficiently.

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