15 Best SEO Tools for Better SEO Ranking

Best SEO Tools 15 Best SEO Tools for Better SEO Ranking

Unlike paid search and social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) delivers results in a longer timeframe. But several studies suggest that SEO helps businesses to generate much higher long-term ROI than paid advertisement options. But your business can get higher ROI by running SEO campaigns only by combating the frequent search engine algorithm changes.

The free and paid SEO tools make it easier for you to plan, track, and finetune organic search campaigns without investing in extra time and resources. But the SEO tools differ from each other in several aspects including features and performance. You must focus on choosing and combining the right SEO tools to divert organic traffic to the website from popular search engines in both short and long runs.

15 Free and Paid SEO Tools to Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

1) Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. The WordPress plugin helps digital marketers to divert traffic to a website from both search engines and social networking sites by providing a slew of features and tools. While planning SEO campaigns, you can use Yoast SEO to find high-performing keywords, optimize the keywords, get internal linking suggestions, make search engines understand the web pages, and enhance content readability. The plugin further performs complex technical SEO tasks automatically in the background. But you must subscribe to the premium edition of Yoast SEO to avail yourself of these advanced features.

2) SEMRush

SEMRush allows you to avail yourself of over 500 tools for content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. You can use the SEO tools provided by SEMRush to perform keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, keyword rank tracking, local SEO, on-page SEO, link building, competitor SEO analysis, content marketing, and social media management. You have the option to choose from several editions of SEMRush – Pro, Guru, and Business. 

3) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular and trusted free SEO tools. Most digital marketers rely on Google Keyword Planner to perform keyword research while implementing SEO strategies. Google Keyword Planner makes it easier for you to discover new keywords, organize keywords into multiple categories, see monthly search volume, and plan SEO campaigns based on new keywords. The SEO tools allow you to discover and organize keywords for SEO campaigns using a slew of options.

4) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is currently being used by leading brands Facebook, Linked In, Netflix, Uber, and Adobe. The all-in-one SEO toolkit is designed with five important tools – keyword explorer, site explorer, site audit, content explorer, and rank tracker. Digital marketers can use the content explorer to plan SEO and content marketing strategies by accessing conversion-friendly content from diverse online sources. You can use Ahrefs on a trial basis for 7 days by paying $7. Also, you can choose from several editions of the SEO toolkit – lite, standard, advanced, and agency.

5) Moz Pro

Moz Pro is designed as a paid all-in-one SEO toolkit. Digital marketers can use Moz Pro to simplify common search engine optimization activities like website audit, keyword research, backlink analysis, keyword performance tracking, and resolving crawling issues. Moz Pro further helps users to identify new and critical issues early by sending alerts automatically. Digital marketers can avail themselves of the reporting features of Moz Pro to send custom reports to clients without putting in extra time and effort.

6) Spyfu

You have the option to choose from three editions – basic, profession, and team – of Spyfu. Each edition of Spyfu helps you to plan, implement, and evaluate SEO strategies using tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, domain comparison, and keyword rank checking. Also, you can generate special SEO reports using the reporting tool provided by Spyfu to monitor the performance of SEO campaigns based on real-time data.

7) GrowthBar

GrowthBar is designed as a simple Chrome extension. But many digital marketers prefer GrowthBar to other SEO tools due to its innovative features. You can use GrowthBar to get keyword suggestions, assess the competitiveness of keywords, track keyword ranking, and analyze backlinks. GrowthBar makes it easier for you to monitor and finetune SEO campaigns by accessing critical SEO data points related to the website instantly. You can leverage the features and tools provided by GrowthBar by paying $39 per month.

8) DeepCrawl

The SEO tool helps digital marketers to boost a website’s search engine visibility by identifying and fixing a variety of technical issues. You can use DeepCrawl to optimize your website for search engines by getting actionable insights. DeepCrawl produces and provided actionable insights by crawling the website and assessing its technical health. In addition to crawling millions of web pages, DeepCrawl allows you to schedule crawls and prioritize the crawling issues. You can integrate DeepCrawl with Automator to assess the impact of code changes on the technical health of the website.

9) WooRank SEO Analysis & Website Review Tool

The Chrome extension developed by WooRank helps digital marketers to assess a website’s onsite and offsite SEO performance in a few seconds. You can use WooRank SEO Analysis & Website Review Tool to know the SEO health of a website based on an overall SEO score. The simple SEO tool calculates the overall SEO score using a wide range of parameters – mobile-friendliness, usability, structured data, search engine optimization, website traffic, quality of backlinks, and social media. You can download and use the tool free of cost.

10) Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is designed as desktop-based website crawling software. As its name suggests, the SEO Spider tool helps users to improve on-page SEO by identifying and highlighting many technical SEO issues. You can use the popular SEO tool to discover duplicate content, analyze metadata, find broken links, manage redirects, identify URLs blocked by robots.txt, and generate XML sitemaps. You can choose from the free and paid editions of the SEO Spider Tool. Unlike the paid edition, the free edition crawls only 500 URLs. 

11) LinkResearchTools

The SEO tool aims to help digital marketers plan and run SEO campaigns by providing actionable insights and recommendations. You can use LinkResearchTools to boost your website’s search engine visibility by increasing the number and quality of backlinks. LinkResearchTools evaluates every backlink using over 150 SEO metrics and 25 link data sources. The tools provided by LinkResearchTools make it easier for you to check backlinks to competitors, trace link juice being transferred through redirects, simulate link building, and import thousands of backlinks.

12) Bing Webmaster Tools

As its name suggests, the free SEO tools help you to boost the visibility and ranking of web pages on Bing search results. While planning SEO campaigns, you can leverage the tools included in Bing Webmaster Tools to perform keyword research, manage targeted keywords, audit sites on demand, and analyze backlinks. Also, you can identify the issues and errors affecting the website’s search performance simply by generating an elaborate SEO report. The SEO tools further help you to monitor and evaluate the website’s search performance by sending alerts and notifications automatically.

13) RankMath SEO

RankMath is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. You can configure and customize RankMath according to your precise SEO strategies using over 15 built-in models. Also, you can use the tools provided by RankMath to track keyword ranking, identify technical SEO issues, generate schema markup, and import schema markup from other websites. RankMath further boosts SEO campaigns by supporting several types of schemas – product schema, article schema, recipe schema, events schema, video schema, and local business schema. You also have the option to choose from three different editions of RankMath – free, pro, and business. Here is a comparison between RankMath SEO and Yoast SEO.

14) Whitespark

Whitespark is one of the SEO tools that help users to optimize their websites for local searches. While planning location-specific SEO campaigns, you can leverage the tools provided by Whitespark to track search engine ranking, find citations of your competitors, and get online reviews and customer testimonials. Also, Whitespark helps you to focus on improving customer experience by offering managed local SEO services. You can avail yourself of a slew of free SEO tools simply by signing up for Whitespark.

15) Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords helps digital marketers to find the most valuable keywords for SEO campaigns by creating varying scenarios. After creating a scenario for a particular search query, digital marketers can share and evaluate the scenario with multiple contacts. The feedback and suggestions received from contacts help digital marketers to understand what the searchers will type to get specific information. They can further conduct real-time keyword research simply by typing a scenario or question in a textbox. While performing keyword research, you can leverage Seed Keywords as a free SEO tool.

While planning and running SEO campaigns, you have the option to choose from many free and paid SEO tools. The popular SEO tools differ from each other in several aspects. You cannot boost a website’s search engine visibility using a single or specific SEO tool. Your SEO strategy must focus on choosing and combining the right SEO tools to divert search engine traffic to the website continuously.

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