Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Business

Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Business Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Business

In today’s business world, changing consumer preferences is a reality. Also, emerging trends impact consumer behavior directly. Salespeople need real-time data and actionable insights to increase sales revenue by understanding the target market and potential customers.

Enterprises make it easier for sales and marketing teams to understand existing and potential customers by leveraging a slew of technologies known as sales intelligence. They automate customer data collection, analysis, and evaluation by implementing sales intelligence tools.

Sales intelligence software provides a variety of actionable insights to the sales team by monitoring and analyzing millions of data points. In addition to compiling internal and external data, they share actionable insights gained through the analysis of large volumes of data.

Your company can implement the right sales intelligence tools to boost lead generation, lead prospecting, and lead conversion activities by leveraging multiple benefits of sales automation. We are shortlisting some of the best sales intelligence tools for your business by gathering information from diverse sources.

Overview of 11 Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Business

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As the name suggests, LinkedIn Sales Navigator creates opportunities for salespeople to leverage the most popular social network for professionals. Salespeople can use this all-in-one sales intelligence software to identify target audiences, prioritize accounts, and find hidden allies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigators helps users detect high-value leads and gather their information using over 40 advanced lead and company search filters. It boosts sales automation by supporting CRM integration and custom list creation.

At the same time, the recommendations made by the software make it easier for salespeople to detect qualified leads. However, the features provided by the popular sales intelligence software vary across versions – Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.


Clearbit helps salespeople close more deals by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. At present, the sales intelligence platform automates the sales process by providing three distinct solutions – Prospector, Enrichment, and Reveal.

As a B2B contact database, Prospector helps salespeople understand the real-time intent of website visitors. Enrichment facilitates lead scoring, lead routing, and lead segmentation by providing context on individual needs.

At the same time, Reveal helps them target accounts based on their buying intent by uncovering corporate customers who access your website as anonymous visitors. However, your business must subscribe to a premium plan to enable salespeople to access advanced tools provided by Clearbit.

HubSpot Sales Software

This sales intelligence platform enables customer connections and drives sales growth by providing a slew of tech solutions. Salespeople can use HubSpot Sales Software to find, track, and close more deals by focusing extensively on customers.

They can use the sales engagement tools provided by the software to detect and nurture qualified leads through contextual conversations. At the same time, the AI-powered deal management tool provided by the platform helps them close more deals by moving leads seamlessly in the customer’s journey.

The integrated reporting and analytics tool developed by HubSpot boosts sales cycles by analyzing customer feedback and tracking team performance. However, the features provided by HubSpot Sales Software will vary according to the free or premium edition chosen by your business.


Overloop (formerly is developed as a sales engagement and intelligence platform. It helps your sales team run multichannel marketing campaigns by providing a slew of web applications. Salespeople can use these web applications to create account lists, manage leads, and segment customers.

Also, the browser extensions make it easier for them to contact potential leads by finding their contact information. The software enables them to gather contact details of leads from external sources like LinkedIn.

The reporting and insights tools make it easier for them to boost lead generation activities by understanding what is working and what is not. Your business can avail of Overloop by choosing from three pricing plans – Startup, Growth, and Intelligence.


Demandbase (formerly InsideView) is an AI-powered go-to-market platform. It facilitates B2B sales process automation by providing several solutions, including sales intelligence software. Your sales team can use the sales intelligence software to build prospect lists based on B2B customer data collected from accurate company data and contact profiles.

Salespeople can use the dashboard provided by the software to detect hot accounts using filters like owner and territory. At the same time, Demandbase makes it easier for them to understand buyer intent and track the latest news by sending automated notifications. Hence, your business can leverage Demandbase by choosing from two user-based pricing plans – Enterprise and Elite.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce has developed Sales Cloud as an AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The software comes with built-in sales engagement and predictive intelligence tools. At the same time, it provides salespeople with contextual information and insights on deals using sales intelligence.

Sales Cloud enables salespeople to get a consolidated view of deals and sales opportunities. Also, it updates the visual information automatically based on real-time data. Salespeople can leverage the alerts shared by the software to close more deals by taking the appropriate action.

At the same time, the AI-powered dashboard provided by the software makes predictions and recommendations based on various sales best practices. Your business can access the appropriate edition of Sales Cloud by subscribing to the Starter, Professional, or Enterprise pricing plan.


6sense helps salespeople send the right message to the right account at the right time using AI technologies. Your sales team can leverage the AI predictions and insights shared by the software to identify convertible deals and close more deals.

The software features a built-in contact search engine that displays email IDs and phone numbers of prospects based on accurate and reliable data. At the same time, 6sense makes it easier for salespeople to get clarity into accounts using predictive analytics and account intelligence.

Salespeople can further use the intuitive dashboard provided by the software to prioritize and nurture accounts based on buyer intent data. Your company can evaluate the features and tools provided by 6sense by booking a demo.


Meltwater helps users demystify consumer data by providing a slew of tech solutions, including sales intelligence tools. Meltwater Owler helps salespeople gain a competitive edge by gathering end-to-end information and news about potential corporate customers from many sources.

At the same time, Meltwater Owler Max streamlines the prospecting process by sharing sales and competitive intelligence gained through the analysis of large and diverse data. These insights make it easier for salespeople to identify convertible prospects.

At the same time, the real-time news alerts sent by the software help them close more deals by introducing the right topics at the right time. Your business can leverage these sales intelligence tools by choosing from four pricing plans – Essentials, Advanced, Suite, and Enterprise.


Cognism simplifies lead generation, nurturing, and conversion activities using any information collected by your business as sales intelligence. Your team can use Prospector to generate a targeted list and use Enhance to cleanse the targeted list.

At the same time, Intent Data makes it easier for salespeople to find customers who have recently searched for the solution provided by your company. These tools collect, verify, and analyze large volumes of B2B data collected from diverse sources.

Your company can integrate these sales intelligence solutions with existing sales and marketing tools. Cognism currently allows subscribers to customize pricing packages according to their precise needs and workflow.


The tech solutions provided by Vainu help your sales team close more deals by leveraging B2B data. They can use the software to collect both Nordic and global data about B2B companies. Also, the software makes it easier for them to simplify B2B sales prospecting and account reach by providing easy-to-use tools.

Vainu shared actionable insights with salespeople by analyzing over 300 data fields. Hence, it becomes easier for your sales team to understand the prospects and engage them by sharing the most relevant content. Your company can access Vainu by choosing from Global and Nordic pricing plans according to the targeted markets.


Instantly is developed as an AI-powered cold email marketing platform. It boosts email deliverability by leveraging a robust B2B lead database. It helps salespeople verify lead leads and establish domain accuracy using a block domain tester tool.

Also, it shares a variety of data-driven insights that help the sales team understand what is working and what is not. Your sales team can leverage the sales intelligence tool to boost the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Salespeople can use an advanced analytics dashboard to pause and improve email marketing campaigns that do not accomplish the desired goals. Your business can access Instantly.AI by subscribing to the Growth or Hypergrowth pricing plan.


Sales intelligence tools help your sales and marketing teams convert more leads and close more deals by sharing data-driven insights. However, the best sales intelligence tools for your business differ from each other primarily, in the category of features.

For instance, some of these sales intelligence platforms come with features to automate prospecting, lead generation, and lead nurturing activities. At the same time, some of the sales intelligence solutions facilitate contact data collection and management.

Hence, you should prioritize sales intelligence tools that help your company automate multiple steps in the sales process. Furthermore, you need to ensure that a salesperson can leverage the sales intelligence software fully without having high-level technical skills.

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