B2B Social Media Trends for 2023

In 2023, the average time internet users spend on various social networking platforms increased by 3 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes. The number of time users spend on social networks will increase by several minutes in 2023. Hence, social media will remain one of the major B2B marketing channels next year.

In addition to enhancing their online presence, B2B companies and startups will build social media strategies to create brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and retain customers. But your business can reach social medial goals in 2023 without sharing a variety of interesting and engaging content.

Also, you should remember that B2B social media trends change at frequent intervals. Your brand can increase the number of likes, shares, and mentions only by adopting B2B social media trends for 2023 early. However, you can establish powerful brand connections only by adopting both existing and emerging B2B social media trends in 2023.

9 Existing and Emerging B2B Social Media Trends to Count on in 2023

1. Company Ambassadors

Social media users trust a real person more than a company or startup. Your business can engage social media users in 2023 only by sharing information and delivering messages through real people. It is always important to get messages, news, and updates delivered by your company’s spokespersons.

Likewise, you can make social media users trust your brand by making experts share information. At the same time, you need to ensure that the employees impress followers by responding to their comments proactively. The company ambassadors will make more social media users trust and follow your brand.

2. Employee-Shared Content

Employee-shared content performs better than employee-shared content on professional social networking platforms. In 2022, you can win the trust of B2B customers by encouraging your employees to produce and share content.

In addition to making employees act as company ambassadors, your social media strategy should encourage them to post thought leadership content. But you must remember that employees will find it difficult to create and post content due to their professional responsibilities. Hence, you must assist them in producing content for various social networks.

3. Audience Nurturing

In 2023, businesses will not focus only on increasing their social media followers. They will drive lead generation and create sales opportunities by nurturing their followers. Along with attracting new followers regularly, your social media strategy should focus on nurturing and engaging existing followers.

Your brand can nurture followers by posting multi-format content regularly. At the same time, you must make the followers feel valued by commenting on their posts and replying to their comments. The nurturing will help you win followers’ trust by humanizing your brand.

4. Short-Form Videos

In 2023, you can boost B2B social media marketing campaigns by posting a variety of videos – explainer videos, product videos, commercials, and comparative videos. But you should not ignore the massive popularity of short-video-sharing platforms like TikTok among millennial and generation-Z users.

Most B2B professionals do not access TikTok due to a lack of time. But they access short videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Hence, your social media strategy must post short videos on the right social networks to convey messages to B2B professionals. But you must not forget to keep the short videos entertaining and engaging only by creating them in different and innovative ways.

if you are serious about video marketing, here are some video marketing tools that can help you in your marketing activities.

5. B2B Social Communities

Many B2B Professionals use both search engines and social media to gather information about products, services, and brands. Many businesses build personal relationships with social media users to announce new products/services and get customer insights.

You can build and sustain personal relationships with B2B professionals by creating a dedicated B2B social community. You can easily create B2B social media communities using the features provided by social networking platforms like Facebook. However, you can make the most of the B2B social community only by connecting with and engaging members in meaningful ways.

6. Smaller Social Networking Platforms

While making social media strategies, businesses often target top B2B social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But several studies suggest the growing popularity of visual social networking platforms like Pinterest and TikTok among younger professionals.

Also, the business accounts of these visual social networking sites are getting more foot traffic. Your business should leverage TikTok to connect with modern B2B professionals and use Pinterest to build brand appeal. Hence, you cannot widen your brand’s social media reach in 2022 only by targeting large B2B social networks.

7. Bite-Sized Content

Social media users prefer bite-sized content to long-form content. They love bite-sized content that delivers required information in a fast, engaging, and entertaining way. You have to engage social media users by posting bite-sized content that delivers information in seconds.

However, your social media strategies should focus on posting bit-sized images in multiple formats – videos, stories, and tweets. The B2B professionals will love your content when they can get relevant information despite packed work schedules.

8. Social Media Ads

In 2022, social media accounts for 33% of all digital marketing spending. Leading brands have revealed their plan to spend more on social media ads in the near future. Hence, your organization cannot expand ad reach in 2023 without increasing social media ad spending.

But you cannot increase ad impressions without leveraging real-time data gathered from various sources. Your strategy must focus on running ads on social networks accessed by the target audience. Also, you need to explore ways to engage social media users by displaying targeted and personalized ads.

9. AI-Driven Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will continue to transform B2B social media marketing in 2023. In addition to saving time and resources, AI-powered tools will optimize social media campaigns by facilitating personalization and ensuring precision.

You can leverage the AI-driven tool to generate hashtags, personalize content, and deploy chatbots. Also, you can produce and schedule content for targeted social networks using specialized tools. Hence, your organization has to invest a percentage of your budget to automate recurring social media marketing activities.


In 2023, your existing and prospective customers will spend more than 2 hours and 29 minutes on social networks. Hence, your organization can leverage social media as a powerful B2B marketing channel to connect, grow, and nurture audiences. But you can achieve preset social media goals only by refining your marketing strategies based on existing and emerging B2B social media trends for 2023.

This blog was republished in June 2023.

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