Mediavine Review

Mediavine Review Mediavine Review

While monetizing their websites and blogs, content creators and content publishers often opt for Google Ads and Google AdSense. Many content creators these days look for Google AdSense alternatives to generate more income regularly. Unlike other ad networks, Mediavine shares 75% of its revenue with content creators. A content publisher can earn more ad revenue if his site produces more than 5 million ad impressions over the last 30 days. Here is a list of 17 Ad networks for bloggers.

Mediavine describes itself as a full-service ad management platform. In addition to helping content creators create and manage ads, Mediavine focuses on optimizing a website’s user experience and search engine performance. It further aims to help digital content creators build sustainable businesses. Over the last 16 years, Mediavine has been helping over 7500 content creators to earn recurring revenue. But you must remember that Mediavine, like other ad networks, has its own pros and cons, so let’s do a Mediavine Review in-depth to understand them.

Mediavine Review

Mediavine Requirements

Mediavine helps content creators monetize a wide variety of websites and blogs – lifestyle, health, fitness, education, entertainment, fashion, travel, crafts, and DIY websites. However, a content creator can monetize his content through Mediavine only by meeting the minimum traffic requirement – 50000 sessions per month. That is why; a content creator should consider Mediavine only after getting 50000 monthly sessions. Also, Mediavine prefers content creators who produce original and engaging content.

Key Features

The team at Mediavine makes the ad network stand out from the crowd by including a slew of innovative features. According to its official website, Mediavine differentiates itself from popular ad networks by supporting automatic and dynamic ad placements, working only with premium partners, and boosting website speed using lazy loading. Also, Mediavine helps content creators to monitor the quality and performance of ads in real time and monetize their videos effectively using a new-generation video player.

Onboarding Process

Mediavine informs content creators that their application is approved by sending an email. Also, the ad network requires the content creators to sign a contract in digital format. The onboarding procedure starts once the content creator accepts the terms set by Mediavine. The team at Mediavine helps the content creator to optimize various aspects of his website. Also, the content creator has to install a script wrapper that will generate ads dynamically and automatically.

Real-Time Ad Tracking

Unlike specific ad networks, Mediavine believes in keeping everything transparent. The content creators can use the robust reporting system provided by Mediavine to assess the performance of individual ads. They can further generate reports to differentiate between the ads that are performing well and the ads that are performing poorly. Likewise, the content creator can use the Mediavine dashboard to measure and track revenue from each ad. He also has the option to turn on or turn off specific ads directly from the dashboard.

Revenue Sharing

As mentioned earlier, Mediavine shares over 75% of ad revenue with content creators. The content creators can get 80% of the revenue by producing 5 million ad impressions and 90% of ad revenue by producing 15 million ad impressions. Mediavine further adds a bonus to the ad revenue when the content publishers have joined its loyalty program. Hence, a content creator can earn more ad revenue regularly using multiple options – increasing ad impressions and joining the Mediavine loyalty program.

Payment Threshold and Options

Like other ad networks, Mediavine supports a variety of payment options – PayPal, paper check, domestic ACH, international ACH, and wire transfers. However, the payment options used by the ad network vary according to the amount of ad revenue. Also, Mediavine has set the minimum threshold for payouts at $ 25. It transfers the payment to content creators 65 days after the end of the month. For instance, a content creator will receive the ad revenue earned during January only on the 5th of April.

Mediavine Review: Pros

  • Mediavine helps content creators and publishers earn more revenue by providing a variety of options. In addition to sharing 75% of ad revenue with content creators, Mediavine has launched a loyalty program. Also, the ad network shares 90% of ad revenue with a content creator when he gets 15 million ad impressions.
  • Mediavine outperforms other ad networks in the category of customer support. Unlike other ad networks, Mediavine has linked each email ID with a human customer support executive. The customer support executive resolves various issues proactively by responding to the email in real time.
  • A content writer can join Mediavine to generate recurring revenue without dealing with multiple ad networks. Instead of spending time managing ads, he can focus only on improving content quality and boosting ad performance. Also, he can rely on Mediavine to ensure that the ads are displayed to the right audience.

Mediavine Review: Cons

  • The eligibility requirements set by Mediavine do not allow content writers to monetize new blogs or websites. The bloggers have to post fresh content regularly and promote the website aggressively to get 50000 sessions per month. Hence, bloggers can monetize content through Mediavine only after popularizing their content.
  • Mediavine displays 5 ads on a single page. Hence, it requires content writers to write articles and blogs with more than 1000 words.  The content creators cannot leverage Mediavine ads by writing content with less than 500 words. Also, they have to optimize the large and HD images to accommodate ads on the same web page.
  • The content creators and publishers cannot integrate Mediavine with other ad networks. They have to display ads only through the Mediavine network. Many bloggers these days generate more revenue by displaying ads through multiple ad networks. They have to remove the existing ads from the website to join Mediavine.

Things to Consider

Unlike other ad networks, Mediavine emphasizes exclusivity. A content creator cannot earn revenue from other ad networks after joining the Mediavine network. Hence, a content creator should join Mediavine to get over 75% of ad revenue without dealing with multiple ad networks. But he can join the Mediavine network only after getting 50000 sessions per month. Also, Mediavine will check if the content published on the website is fresh, original, and engaging.

Webmasters often compare Mediavine with other popular ad networks, interested readers can check a comparison between Monomeric vs Mediavine.

Mediavine attracts content creators by sharing more than 75% of ad revenue. The content creators can earn more revenue by increasing ad impressions and joining the loyalty program. But Mediavine, like other ad networks, has its advantages and disadvantages. Every content creator must perform elaborate Mediavine reviews to monetize his website or blog by joining the right ad network.

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