SEOPress vs Yoast SEO

The simple and clean source code of WordPress boosts websites’ search performance by easing search engine crawling and website indexing procedures. Also, WordPress is one of the content management systems (CMS) that comes with many built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Webmasters and digital marketers can optimize a website according to the latest search engine guidelines by choosing from many WordPress SEO plugins.

The latest usage statistics posted on several websites suggest that Yoast SEO is more popular than other SEO plugins for WordPress. The dominance of Yoast SEO is being challenged by new-age WordPress SEO plugins like SEOPress. At present, Yoast SEO has over 11 million active installs, while SEOPress has over 150000 active installations. But Yoast SEO was launched in 2008, while SEOPress has only 3+ years of existence.

While comparing SEOPress vs Yoast SEO, we must remember that Yoast SEO is more mature and more popular than SEOPress. But many digital marketers these days prefer SEOPress to Yoast SEO to leverage key benefits like guaranteed white hat SEO techniques and no client data collection. But smarter digital marketers always compare SEOPress and Yoast SEO using a slew of parameters to choose the best WordPress SEO plugin for a website.

Comparing a Mature and a New-Age WordPress Plugin: SEOPress vs Yoast SEO

Overview/Design Goal

Yoast is developed as a feature-rich WordPress plugin. It aims to enable everyone to boost a website’s search visibility by implementing SEO strategies. Every user has the option to choose from several editions of Yoast SEO according to his precise SEO needs. For instance, a digital marketer can use the appropriate edition of Yoast to implement local SEO, news SEO, video SEO, or ecommerce SEO.

SEOPress is developed as a lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress. But it comes with features to outperform some of the feature-rich SEO plugins. It is one of the WordPress plugins that ensure that a website’s search performance is optimized only using white hat SEO techniques. Also, SEOPress improves data security by not collecting or retaining client data.

User Interface (UI)

SEOPress features a UI that makes it easy to configure and use. A user can start optimizing pages and posts immediately after configuring SEOPress. Yoast features a UI that organizes various options into relevant categories. The classification makes it easier for users to perform SEO tasks sequentially while using Yoast. But end-users often find SEOPress’s UI more appealing and tasteful than the UI of the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.

Keyword Research and Integration

A digital marketer can optimize multiple keywords only using Yoast SEO premium. He can optimize a single version using the free edition of Yoast. That is why; digital marketers often use third-party keyword generation tools while working with Yoast SEO. Both free and premium edition of SEOPress enables users to optimize multiple keywords. The WordPress plugin also identifies relevant keywords by analyzing the content.

Content Optimization

Both SEOPress and Yoast come with built-in tools to simplify content analysis. SEOPress helps content creators to optimize the content for search engines by finetuning titles, meta descriptions, and snippets. But Yoast helps content creators to make the content both readable and engaging. In addition to analyzing content, Yoast helps users to make the content more readable. Also, Yoast analyzes images and helps users to optimize the images for search engines by adding alt tags.

Image and Video Optimization

SEOPress and Yoast SEO optimize images and videos for search engines in different ways. While working with SEOPress, digital marketers can optimize images and videos in a straightforward way by adding alt tags and meta tags. But Yoast requires digital marketers to optimize videos and pictures by changing the setting. The users can make changes to the settings to optimize multimedia content more effectively using advanced functionality and options.

Link Generation and Management

While implementing on-page SEO, digital marketers mark an external link as dofollow to pass link juice or nofollow to prevent the link juice from passing. SEOPress requires users to mark a backlink as dofollow or nofollow manually. On the other hand, Yoast SEO allows users to differentiate nofollow and dofollow links by changing settings. However, both SEOPress and Yoast do not feature dedicated backlink management tools.

Redirect Management

While creating internal links or external links, digital marketers focus extensively on repairing broken links and fixing bugs of 404 errors. Yoast SEO Pro comes with a dedicated redirect management tool that helps users to ensure that each link is redirecting accurately. But SEOPress, like the free edition of Yoast, does not feature a redirect management tool. The users have to export and import redirects in the form of CSV files while working with SEOPress.

Schema Markup Implementation

As a form of microdata, schema markup or helps digital marketers to make the website more appealing on SERPs by adding rich snippets or enhanced descriptions. SEOPress integrated schema markup effortlessly by generating XML sitemaps. Yoast too allows users to implement schema markup on web pages automatically. However, digital marketers need to provide specific information and change configuration to make Yoast implement automatically.


Digital marketers have both free and premium editions of these WordPress plugins. Unlike Yoast SEO Free, Yoast SEO Premium enables digital marketers to optimize multiple keywords, get content insights, create internal link structures, and distribute published content. Digital marketers have the option to choose from many Yoast SEO plugins – Yoast SEO for WordPress, News SEO for WordPress, Video SEO for WordPress, Local SEO for WordPress, and Yoast WooCommerce SEO.

SEOPress comes with two distinct editions free and premium. SEOPress Pro, unlike SEOPress Free, comes with a slew of additional tools for importing/exporting SEO metadata, generate Google XML video sitemaps, and create custom schemas. But digital marketers can optimize a website for search engines efficiently without buying multiple SEOPress plugins.

On the whole, Yoast SEO is more mature and more popular than SEOPress. But SEOPress is one of the prominent WordPress SEO plugins that have been challenging the dominance of Yoast SEO. But the smarter webmasters and digital marketers always compare SEOPress vs Yoast SEO to boost a website’s search performance consistently.

In addition to promoting code-less website development, WordPress is considered to be more SEO-friendly than other content management systems (CMS). Each new version of WordPress comes with new features and updates to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Also, it allows users to implement SEO strategies by choosing from thousands of SEO plugins. The usage statistics posted on several websites depict that Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Plugin, and Rank Math are more popular than other SEO plugins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO plugin helps WordPress Website owners increase their website’s search engine ranking by focusing on two important aspects – creating high-quality content and optimizing the website according to search engine guidelines. Along with providing content analysis features, Yoast SEO helps users know how the content will appear on search engine pages. It has an established and loyal user base with more than 5 million active installations.


In addition to being a user-friendly blogging platform, WordPress is often regarded as the most search engine optimization (SEO) friendly content management system. WordPress website owners can accelerate custom website development by availing of a wide range of themes and plugins. Likewise, they can get regular website traffic from popular search engines using a slew of WordPress SEO plugins. In one of my previous posts, I covered how to choose the best WordPress SEO Plugins, in which I have also covered some of the most important SEO plugins. Yoast SEO has been a personal favorite, I have used Yoast plugin on 10+ websites that I have handled. The latest usage statistics also depict that the Yoast SEO plugin is much more popular than other WordPress SEO plugins.


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