MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing MBA in Digital Marketing

When a graduate student decides to pursue a marketing degree, he or she can choose from many Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses and programs. The full-time MBA courses provided by leading universities can be primarily divided into two categories – MBA in marketing and MBA in digital marketing.

When a student opts for an MBA in marketing, he learns important concepts like product development, marketing strategy making, market research, and salesforce management. However, an MBA in digital prepares him to drive brand building, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty using top digital channels and technologies.

Additionally, the course makes him familiar with a slew of marketing automation tools that boost campaign performance and reduce costs. The rising demand for digital marketers makes many students prefer MBA programs in digital marketing to MBA courses in marketing. However, every student finds it challenging to select and join the right MBA course in digital marketing.

We are making it easier for you to make a better career decision by discussing two frequently asked questions – “What are the advantages of doing an MBA in digital marketing?” & “How to choose the right digital marketing MBA program or course?

What are the Advantages of Doing an MBA in Digital Marketing?

In-Demand Skill

Digital marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing industries. Enterprises have been replacing traditional marketing methods with digital marketing tactics across industries and regions. The rapid industry growth makes digital marketing one of the in-demand skills. Also, an MBA in digital marketing helps you acquire skills that will be relevant in the short and long runs.

Knowledge Enhancement

Most marketing MBA courses these days cover digital marketing concepts and frameworks. Likewise, MBA programs in digital marketing familiarize students with traditional marketing methods and frameworks. When you pursue a digital marketing MBA, you can help companies increase ROI by combining traditional marketing methods and digital marketing tactics.

Diverse Options

Digital marketing creates opportunities for enterprises to engage existing and prospective customers across digital channels and touchpoints. Hence, you have the option to choose from many topics and tactics while choosing a field of specialization.

For instance, you can specialize in organic digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media promotion. At the same time, you have the flexibility to specialize in paid digital marketing strategies like paid search and social media advertising.

Job Opportunities

In addition to transforming industries, digital technologies are all set to create millions of jobs in the near run. A report published by McKinsey Global Institute forecasts the digital economy will create about 60 to 65 million jobs by 2025. Digital marketing skills will enable you to leverage millions of job openings in the digital economy.

Evolving Industry

Digital marketing is one of the industries that evolve consistently. The emergence of new digital marketing channels makes enterprises revamp their digital marketing strategies. Likewise, enterprises adopt emerging trends by refining their digital marketing strategies proactively. Hence, you can boost your career and salary simultaneously by acquiring and honing digital marketing skills.

Flexible Admission

Reputable management colleges these days offer full-time and part-time MBA programs in digital marketing. At the same time, online MBA programs enable you to earn an MBA degree in digital marketing remotely. You also have the option to join several MBA courses in digital marketing regardless of your academic and professional background.

Low Course Fees

MBA is currently one of the most expensive education degrees in many countries. Also, course fees vary across reputable and private management colleges. However, you can earn a management degree in digital marketing without spending a hefty sum. You can further join an online MBA in digital marketing to acquire and hone skills while working in a company or startup.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing MBA Program or Course?

While comparing an MBA in digital marketing, you have the option to choose from many full-time, part-time, and online courses. But how will you choose and join the right MBA course? We are making it easier for you to make the career decision by discussing some key parameters or criteria for comparing management programs or courses in digital marketing.

Study Mode

It is always important to consider your professional and personal responsibilities when comparing MBA programs and courses. You should opt for a full-time MBA program when you can attend classes regularly in person. Otherwise, you should consider joining part-time, online, or distance MBA programs offered by reputable management colleges.


Most management colleges update their syllabus regularly to familiarize students with new-age digital marketing channels, emerging digital marketing trends, and new-generation digital marketing tools. However, many colleges still cover digital marketing concepts and strategies that are no longer relevant. Hence, you must review the digital marketing MBA syllabus elaborately to ensure that it covers relevant topics and on-demand skills.

Hands-on Learning

You cannot make and manage integrated digital marketing strategies only by understanding key channels and tools. In addition to understanding digital marketing tactics, you must choose a course that allows you to practice the strategies in real-time. Hands-on training is essential to help enterprises run multifunctional marketing campaigns successfully.


Leading management colleges these days hire faculty who have written digital marketing books or managed digital marketing campaigns. However, many colleges hire trainers who have no experience in making and implementing digital marketing strategies. You should prioritize management colleges where faculties manage multifunctional digital marketing campaigns by acting as consultants.

Internship Opportunities

Despite being a short-term employment opportunity, internships create opportunities to apply digital marketing knowledge as entry-level marketers. That is why; you should not forget to check if the management college offers internship opportunities. The internship opportunities further depict that the college provides hands-on digital marketing training to students.

Placement Support

Leading management companies help students find digital marketing jobs by providing placement support. The placement support helps you attend a specific number of interviews in a specific timeframe. However, you must not forget to check the number of alumni who have secured job opportunities by leveraging placement assistance. Also, you should compare the companies who are recruiting digital marketing graduates from the college.

Student Reviews

Most students these days share their experiences by reviewing management colleges offering digital marketing courses and programs. The online reviews posted by alumni help you evaluate digital marketing MBA courses based on real-time networks. However, you must explore ways to gather additional information about specific colleges or courses by interacting with alumni using online forums and social networks.


While comparing various similar MBA courses, you must consider two important factors. Firstly, companies and startups across industries have been switching from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Secondly, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other Industry 4.0 technologies have completely digitalized conventional marketing models and frameworks.

However, you should focus on joining a digital marketing MBA program that prepares you for strategizing and managing multichannel or integrated digital marketing campaigns. At the same time, you must prepare yourself to enhance your academic knowledge by monitoring emerging digital marketing trends and learning new digital marketing best practices regularly.

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