Lead Scoring Strategy, Models and Best Practices

Your business can easily collect leads from various sources by running inbound marketing campaigns. But you must nurture the leads effectively by sending the right information at the right time to drive sales conversion. As a key step in the lead nurturing process, lead scoring helps you determine the worthiness of prospective customers by assigning a numeric score to every lead. In addition to assessing the worthiness of individual leads, lead scoring helps you to identify and segregate the highly qualified or sales-ready leads.


In the first part of this blog series, I have covered: “What is lead nurturing and how to set up lead nurturing campaigns. In the second part, I covered the benefits of lead nurturing. This is the third and concluding part of the blog series. I will cover winning lead nurturing strategies that work.

Inbound marketing campaigns help businesses to generate leads regularly from multiple sources. But no business can increase the number and value of orders only by focusing on generating more leads. In addition to generating leads regularly, your business must focus on nurturing every lead in the most effective way. You can easily increase the volume and size of orders by keeping in place an elaborate lead nurturing strategy.


Saurav, One of my good friends, who has recently set up his own startup recently, called me last Friday evening and asked me “Hey, I have started working on my 2023 marketing plan. We have a robust email marketing plan ready. Can you quickly tell me what are the other ways to generate B2B leads”. My answer to him was “It Depends. It all starts with your products, target customers, what are the problems they are facing, what kind of problems are solved by your products, and also, the price points of your products. Based on that you will need to create multiple touch points for your target customers to influence their purchase decisions and create your B2B lead generation strategies”.


In the first part of this blog series, I have covered the basic question: “What is lead nurturing, and how to set up lead nurturing campaigns. In this blog, I will cover the benefits of lead nurturing. And in the third part of the blog series, I will cover winning lead nurturing strategies.

Your business can generate leads from many sources by launching digital marketing campaigns. But you cannot drive sales conversion without complementing the lead generation efforts with a lead nurturing strategy. The term lead nurturing refers to the process of engaging with the leads throughout the sales process by sending the right information and content through the right communication channels.


65% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. But 96% of the visitors who come to the website, are not ready to buy. And this is even more worrisome: 80% of the new leads never translate into sales. So, what’s the solution? Well, I think its lead nurturing. Many businesses pour their heart and soul into generating leads, but it is astonishing to know that a lot of them still have not adopted lead nurturing practices in 2020. So, I decided to write the first blog series in my blog: what is lead nurturing. In the second part of this blog series, I will cover the benefits of lead nurturing. And in the concluding part of the 3 part blog series, I will cover the winning lead nurturing strategies.


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