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Monumetric Review Monumetric Review

According to the activities reported by popular blogging platforms, there are more than 570 million blogs on the internet. Also, over 7 million blog posts are being published every day. These statistics suggest that millions of bloggers and content writers write and publish blogs on a wide range of topics on a daily basis. But no content creator or content publisher can earn recurring income without monetizing her website or app using one of the popular ad networks for bloggers.

Monumetric is one of the most popular ad networks for bloggers. The ad network was launched in 2012 as a publisher network called The Blogger Network. Founders rebranded The Blogger Network as Monumetric in 2016 with the aim of helping clients monetize their website traffic. At present, many bloggers join this ad network to earn recurring income according to page views per month.

Monumetric enables bloggers to monetize their websites or blogs according to traffic size. Every blogger can monetize her blog by choosing from four distinct programs launched by Monumetric – Proper, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo. A blogger can join Proper if her monthly page views range from 10k to 80k, while she can join Ascent when the monthly page views range from 80k to 50K.

Likewise, a blogger can join Stratos if page views/month from 500K to 10MM and join Apollo when her monthly page views/month exceed 10MM. The programs create opportunities for bloggers to earn recurring income during various pages of the website growth. But bloggers must remember that Monumetric, like other popular ad networks for websites and apps, has its own pros and cons.

Monumetric Review: Advantages

Managed Ad Services

The self-service ad networks require bloggers to create and run online ad campaigns. But Monumetric offers managed ad services that take care of setting up, tracking, managing, and reporting various ad units. Hence, bloggers do not need to focus on the creation and placement of ad units. They can focus on increasing the number and quality of blogs after allowing Monumetric to access the website’s dashboard.

Varying Ad Units

Monumetric is one of the ad networks that support a wide range of ad units – leaderboard, medium rectangle, half page, skyscraper, small display ads, collapsible display ads, in-image ads, rich media ads, and native ads. The various ad formats create many ad placement options. Also, they help bloggers to earn more by increasing ad impressions and clicks. At the same time, the team at Monumetric boosts ad revenue by finding the best ad combinations.

Multiple Revenue Models

Most of the popular ad networks for bloggers support a single revenue model. But Monumetric supports two widely used ad revenue models – pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-view (PPV). Hence, a blogger earns revenue each time a website visitor spends time on the website or clicks on the display ads. The multiple revenue models create opportunities for bloggers to increase recurring income effortlessly.

Options to Increase Ad Income

Monumetric creates opportunities for bloggers to increase ad revenue by increasing monthly page views. The blogger can further increase income by deciding the type of ad units to be displayed on the blog. Likewise, they can keep the visitors engaged by disabling irrelevant display ads on specific pages. The bloggers can further increase revenue by 2% simply by requesting publishers to switch from other ad networks to Monumetric.

Personal Support

Monumetric scores over other popular ad networks for blogging websites and apps in the category of personal support. Every blogger has the option to interact with a dedicated representative once her blog is approved by Monumetric. Hence, she can generate more ad revenue by creating and finetuning strategies by collaborating with seasoned professionals. The representative can further make the display ads more impactful by suggesting relevant changes to the blogger.

Monumetric Review: Disadvantages

Minimum Monthly Page Views

As mentioned earlier, Monumetric allows bloggers to choose from four programs according to monthly page views. However, a blogger can join the programs only when the website’s monthly page views exceed 10000. Hence, bloggers have to put in extra time and effort to grow their blogs before applying for the programs launched by Monumetric.

Approval Period

Monumetric generates ad revenue by collaborating with several partner networks. It starts running ads on the pages only after the blogs are approved by relevant network partners. Hence, the ad network takes approximately 3 months to approve the blogs and run display ads.

Payment Threshold

At present, Monumetric supports a net-60 payment schedule. Hence, a blogger will receive payment 60 days after the end of the month. Hence, she has to wait for almost two months to receive payment. For instance, a blogger will receive the income earned in January only in April. The delay often impacts the finances of professional bloggers.

Setup Fees

Monumetric does not require bloggers to pay any implementation fees if the website’s monthly page views exceed 80000. However, the blogger needs to pay $99 as set-up fees to join the programs launched by Monumetric if the monthly page views are less than 80000. The setup fees make the application procedure expensive for beginners and novice bloggers.

Monumetric Review: Considerations

Many content creators and publishers increase revenue by opting for Monumetric as an alternative to Google AdSense. Many bloggers compare it with other popular ad networks like Monumetric. Interested readers can check out Monumetric vs Mediavine. Every blogger has the option to earn and increase revenue by choosing from four programs launched by the ad network.  The programs enable bloggers to earn from $5 to $15 per every thousand impressions. Also, the ad network will make payments according to a net 60 payout schedule.

However, the earnings will vary according to the blog niche. Also, a blogger can earn more revenue if most of the website traffic is coming from three specific countries – the USA, the UK, and Canada. While evaluating and reviewing Monumetric, bloggers must remember that many ad networks support higher payment thresholds and lower minimum monthly sessions.

Monumetric is one of the leading ad networks that help bloggers earn and increase income according to monthly page views. But a blogger can join one of the programs launched by Monumetric only when her website has a minimum monthly page view of 10K. Hence, she needs to publish and promote content for a longer duration to monetize the website with ads by leveraging the programs launched by Monumetric.

The blog was republished in March 2024.

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