Increase Blog Traffic with These 9 Ideas

Increase Blog Traffic with These 9 Ideas Increase Blog Traffic with These 9 Ideas

In addition to adding credibility to business websites, blogs drive lead generation, nurturing, and conversion strategies. Businesses publish blog posts regularly to convert website visitors into leads. Also, they use blogs as a tool to convert the leads into customers by providing relevant and targeted content according to their current position in the sales funnel.

But an internet user has the option to access more than 500 million blog sites. Also, content creators and marketers publish over 700 million new blog posts every month. Hence, your business can leverage this powerful marketing tool only by making your blogs stand out from the crowd. You can generate and nurture more leads only when the blog readership grows consistently.

While exploring ways to increase blog traffic, you must focus on identifying the right traffic sources for the blog. Also, you must optimize the blog site regularly to boost its user experience and search visibility. However, it is also important to adopt some of the ideas and best practices used by bloggers and marketers to increase blog traffic in both the short and long runs.

9 Ideas You Should Implement to Increase Blog Traffic Consistently

1. Choose the Right Blog Topics

While planning and creating content, bloggers have the option to consider a wide range of topics. But you cannot increase blog traffic if the targeted readers are not searching for or interested in the topics. That is why; you must come up with great blog post ideas to attract and engage more readers. At the same time, you must focus on creating evergreen content that will remain relevant and popular in the longer run.

2. Implement SEO Techniques

Websites and blog sites these days get 67.6% of all clicks through organic search. Hence, you can increase organic traffic to your blog only by considering over 200 factors considered by Google search algorithms while ranking websites. You can increase blog traffic organically by implementing two distinct sets of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques – on-page and off-page.

On-page SEO techniques help you optimize the content for search engines and readers by including the most relevant keywords, along with optimizing internal links, title tags, and URLs. At the same time, you can use a slew of off-page SEO techniques to increase blog traffic by increasing your site’s popularity and domain authority. It is also important to keep the SEO strategies dynamic to adopt emerging trends early.

3. Help Readers Access Additional Information

You can provide readers with in-depth information about a topic by writing long-form content. But you must allow users to gather additional information while reading the blog by visiting both internal and external web pages. You can boost the blog’s reader experience and search visibility by incorporating internal links and implementing internal linking best practices. At the same time, you can boost a blog’s search visibility by incorporating external links to popular and authoritative domains.

4. Include and Optimize Images

A study conducted by Buzzsumo highlights the effectiveness of the image-to-word ratio in increasing blog traffic. You can increase blog traffic and shares significantly by incorporating an image every 75 to 100 words. However, you must focus on creating shareable images using graphic design tools or hiring professional graphic designers. Also, it is important to right images, add context around images, and implement several image SEO tips.

5. Conduct Content Gap Analysis

You can increase blog traffic only by publishing content desired by targeted readers. Many marketers and bloggers conduct a content gap analysis to know if the published blogs meet readers’ needs and expectations. You can conduct content gap analysis using a variety of techniques. The results will help you to meet readers’ expectations by publishing better blog posts as well as updating published blog posts. Your strategy to increase blog traffic must consider conducting content gap analysis regularly.

6. Leverage the Popular Social Networks 

The average daily time spent on various social networking platforms has increased to 2 hours 27 minutes in 2022. Hence, you can increase both blog traffic and readership by diverting visitors to your blog site from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can increase blog traffic by sharing posts across social networks as well as building relationships with other bloggers. However, it is always important to choose and target the right social networks according to your readers.

7. Grow Your Email List Consistently

While promoting blogs on social media, you lack the options to understand the users’ expectations and needs. But you can connect with the relevant readers using a tried-and-trusted inbound marketing channel like emails. Your strategy to increase blog traffic must focus on growing the email lists and capturing the addresses of website visitors. You can even consider using many email-capturing tools and techniques to grow the email list and increase blog traffic consistently.

8. Promote Blog Posts in Online Communities

Netizens these days bond with others with shared interests by joining various online communities. Many professionals and readers even rely on other community members to gather information, share ideas, and get recommendations. You can diver relevant readers to your blog site by promoting your blog posts on online communities. However, you must join the communities and understand their cultures before sharing or promoting your blog posts.

9. Monitor and Analyze Blog Site Traffic

You need actionable insights obtained by monitoring and analyzing the blog site’s traffic. You can easily monitor and measure blog traffic using many website monitoring tools. In addition to tracking website traffic, these tools help you understand what sources divert visitors to the website and which blogs are more popular with visitors. You can analyze website traffic using a slew of metrics simply by integrating the web analytics tool into your blog site.


Your business can drive lead generation, nurturing, and conversion by posting fresh content regularly. But you must implement a strategy to increase blog traffic consistently from various sources. Your strategy must consider these ideas and best practices that help many blog sites and business websites get more traffic regularly.

This blog was republished in July 2023.

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