Email Capture Tools that are Still Relevant in 2023

Email Capture Tools that are Still Relevant in 2022 Email Capture Tools that are Still Relevant in 2023

While implementing inbound and outbound marketing strategies, enterprises these days focus on developing and nurturing relationships with prospective customers. They establish relationships with prospective customers through multiple marketing channels. But the lead generation statistics compiled by several websites suggest that emails are more effective than other channels in generating leads.

According to this 2023 Demand Generation Benchmark Study,

53% of marketers say email has been the most effective channel for early-stage lead generation.

Most marketers these days drive lead generation by growing email lists continuously. They capture the email addresses of prospective customers using a variety of techniques – using email opt-in methods, exchanging downloadables, offering coupons, and creating quizzes. But smarter marketers replace email capture techniques with email capture tools.

These enable marketers to save both time and resources by capturing the email addresses of prospective customers automatically. Also, they capture email ids using multiple methods – landing page, interactive popup, online contests, and giveaways. We are making it easier for you to collect email addresses and growth email lists by recommending some of the popular email capture tools that are still relevant in 2022.

9 Email Capture Tools that are Still Popular and Relevant in 2023

1. OptinMonster

The conversion optimization toolkit grows your email list by capturing the email addresses of website visitors. You can opt for OptinMonster to capture email addresses using appealing forms. You can further create customized and mobile-friendly email capture forms using over 400 premade templates provided by OptinMonster.

At the same time, you can perform A/B testing to optimize the forms by adding the right headline, content, layout, and style. OptinMonster makes it easier for you to personalize messages according to user behavior by providing a targeting and segmentation engine.

2. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads drives lead generation and email list growth using a variety of opt-in forms. You can create the desired opt-in form in minutes using hundreds of predesigned templates. Also, you can use a WYSIWYG editor to build your own opt-in forms that capture a variety of customer information.

Thrive Leads further makes it easier for you to divide leads into multiple segments and send the leads to various services. You also have the option to integrate the lead capture tool with your existing marketing tools using relevant APIs.

3. SumoMe

The free online tool drives email list growth by providing multiple options. You should consider SumoMe to capture email addresses in three simple steps. The tool captures emails by adding scrolling header bars to targeted web pages.

At the same time, you can opt for Sumo List Builder to capture email addresses by showing professional-looking popups to website visitors. The popup will appear based on specific user actions. You can make the popup more engaging using customization options and conducting A/B testing.

4. WPForms

You should consider WPForms if your website or online store is developed using WordPress. The commercial form builder is developed as a WordPress plugin. You can install the plugin to capture the email addresses of website visitors by creating a variety of forms – registration forms, contact forms, newsletter forms, and survey forms.

WPForms make it easier for you to design custom email capture forms by providing a drag-and-drop form builder and over 300 templates. Also, you can capture more emails by embedding these mobile-friendly forms in web pages, blog posts, footers, and sidebar widgets.

5. Sleeknote

You can use Sleeknote to convert website visitors into email subscribers using a variety of popups – newsletter popups, discount popups, and giveaway popups. You can design and customize the popups in minutes using a visual popup builder.

Each type of popup requests visitors to submit their email addresses by previewing the content with a teaser. Also, you boost the popups by performing A/B testing and displaying the right popup to a website visitor at the right time using targeting features

6. LiveChat

The new-age email capture tool grows your email lists using AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots interact with visitors by embedding a live chat feature on the website. The chatbot requests visitors submit their email addresses to get the desired assistance or answer relevant questions.

You can opt for LiveChat to capture emails of visitors by replacing chatbots with customer support executives. Also, you can integrate the commercial email capture tool with several email marketing solutions to store the captured emails in a CRM system.

7. ConvertBox

ConvertBox aims to persuade website visitors to submit their email addresses by delivering personalized messages. It facilitates the delivery of personalized messages through intelligent targeting and funnel segmentation. You can use the tool to grow your email lists by designing custom lead generation forms using a visual editor.

Also, you can make the forms more impactful by conducting A/B testing. ConvertBox enables you to monitor the steps and elements in messaging using detailed analytics. You have the option to integrate ConvertBox with many widely used marketing tools and services.

8. Hello Bar

This premium WordPress plugin converts website visitors into leads and subscribers using a variety of options. You should consider Hello Bar to capture the email addresses of website visitors by creating a variety of popups – bars, alerts, modals, and sliders.

Also, you can customize each element of these popups by choosing the appropriate theme and styling. At the same time, Hello Bar uses intelligent tracking to display the right message to every website visitor and uses analytics to measure the performance of your email-capturing campaigns.

9. Optinly

Optinly is developed as a no-code email marketing tool. It drives email list growth using appealing and customized popups. You should consider Optinly to capture emails using a variety of popups – exit, slide-in, countdown timers, and spin the wheel. You can design and customize each type of popup using a drag-and-drop visual editor.

At the same time, you can capture more email addresses by displaying the right popup at the right time. Optinly allows you to measure the popularity of your brand by collecting customer feedback. Also, you have the option to collect leads in a single location by integrating Optinly with several email marketing tools.


You can grow your email list consistently using a slew of email capture tools in 2023. But you must remember that these widely-used software solutions differ from each other in many aspects. For instance, some of these tools are available as premium software solutions, while others can be used free of cost.

Likewise, some of these tools are available as browser extensions, while others can be accessed as cloud-based software solutions. Also, each of these tools captures email addresses using specific methods. That is why; you must compare these widely-used email capture tools using multiple parameters.

The original Post was published in 2022, it has been updated on May 03rd, 2023.

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