11 Webinar Promotion Ideas for Busy Marketers

Unlike conventional seminars, webinars are hosted over the Internet using specialized software tools. Marketers can easily plan and host webinars using many online live webinar software and online conference software. They can further use the webinars as a new-age marketing tool to highlight their skills, showcase products/services, and build their company’s credentials.

However, no marketer can accomplish the desired objectives without promoting the webinar effectively and aggressively. While planning a webinar, you must focus on two important factors – hosting the webinar successfully and promoting the webinar from the beginning. You can easily make the attendees interested and engaged by including educational components and relevant information.

Also, you must present the content clearly and impress the attendees during the online presentation. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and students will attend your webinars or online seminars regularly when you focus on educating and entertaining. However, you must explore ways to make more people attend the webinars by implementing these beneficial webinar promotion ideas.

11 Webinar Promotion Ideas to Make More People Attend Your Online Seminar

1. Choose the Right Topic

You cannot persuade more people to attend your webinar without choosing the right topic. While deciding on a topic, you must focus on highlighting your skills and showcasing your professional services. However, it is also important to check if the target audience is interested to know about the concept or topic. You must search engines and social media to know what the attendees are looking for. You can even use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to choose the topic according to popular and trending keywords.

2. Align with Your Marketing Goals

The smarter digital marketers these days host webinars regularly to generate leads and create brand awareness. You cannot achieve the marketing goals without aligning them with the webinar. It is always important to decide the number of people you expect to attend the online conference while preparing the webinar promotion strategy. You must share information about the webinar on the right online platforms to make more people register for the online conference.

3. Monitor the Webinar Registration Process

According to GotoMeeting.com,

Marketing webinars have an average attendance rate of 44%.”  

Your webinar promotion strategy must focus on persuading more people to register. When more people register for the online conference, the number of actual attendees will increase. That is why; it becomes essential to track the number of people registering for your webinar continuously. The tracking will help you to increase the low registration number gradually through aggressive promotion and sending registrant reminders.

4.  Don’t Host the Webinar during Weekends

The busy marketers find it convenient to host webinars during weekends. But you cannot make more people attend the online seminar without hosting it on the right day of the week.

According to GotoMeeting.com,

Both Wednesday and Thursday attract 26% of attendees, making up more than half of all webinar attendance.

Hence, you can easily promote the webinar by hosting the online conference on Wednesday or Thursday.

5. Choose a Time Convenient for the Audience

In addition to choosing the right day of the week, your webinar promotion strategy must focus on choosing the right time of the day. It is always important to choose a time slot that is convenient for your target audience. You can allow attendees to mention their preferred time slots while registering for the event. However, it is also important to choose the time slot by keeping in mind the time zone, working hours, and professional schedules of the target audience.

6. Optimize the Webinar Landing Page

The prospective attendees will collect a variety of information about the webinar from the landing page. Your webinar promotion strategy must focus on optimizing the landing page. It is always important to keep the landing page informative and educational. You need to ensure that landing page content answers frequently asked questions like what is the online seminar about, when will you host the webinar, how they join the webinar, who will speak at the webinar, and why people should attend your webinar. Do not forget to apply the landing page SEO strategies for your webinar landing page.

7. Keep Reminding Registrants about the Webinar

You must send automated emails to registrants to confirm registration and thanking them for registration. The email must contain the information required by the registrant to attend your online seminar. However, it is also important to remind registrants to attend the webinar by sending emails regularly. You can even make the emails more relevant and effective by including links to your blogs, previous webinars, and ebooks.

8. Promote the Webinar on Social Media

According to GotoMeeting.com,

Email drives 57% of webinar registrations.

However, you must make the email promotional campaigns more effective by posting information about the webinar on popular social networking platforms. The smarter marketers start promoting webinars at least four weeks before the online conference. Also, they create customized content to be posted on each of the popular social networks. You can make social media and email campaigns more effective by creating a unique hashtag for the online event.

9. Request the Speakers to Promote the Webinar

In addition to implementing webinar promotion strategies, you must request the speakers to promote your webinar. The speakers can promote the online conference through their blogs and social media profiles. When the webinar is promoted by leading presenters, more people will register for the online conference. Also, the presenters will help you to promote the upcoming webinar by reaching out to a wider audience.

10. Complement Webinar with Blogs

You can easily promote the webinar by writing blog posts. In addition to highlighting various aspects of the online seminar, the blogs will help you to divert search engine traffic to the webinar landing page. The blogs will persuade many readers to register for your webinar. Also, the readers can read your blog to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the webinar. However, you must write multiple blog posts and optimize the blog posts for search engines to promote the online conference effectively.

11. Consider Running Paid Ad Campaigns

The email and social media campaigns help you to promote the webinar without incurring additional expenses. Please make sure to follow the email marketing best practices. Also, avoid these common email marketing mistakes.

But you must consider using the paid advertisement options provided by search engines and social networks to make more people attend the online conference. You can easily reduce the paid advertisement overheads by opting for long-tail keywords. Your webinar promotion strategies must focus on integrating and aligning the organic and paid promotional efforts seamlessly.

In addition to focusing on educating and entertaining the audience, you must focus on attracting and convincing more people to attend your upcoming webinar. You must implement a webinar promotion strategy while planning a webinar, online conference, or webcast.  Some of the webinar promotion tips will help you convert the webinar into an evergreen online event over a period of time.

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