Monetize Blog without Ads

Monetize Blog without Ads Monetize Blog without Ads

While monetizing a blog, content creators and publishers can make money in several ways. Most content writers still prioritize ad networks over other blog monetization options.  Popular advertising networks help bloggers generate recurring income by connecting them with businesses interested in running advertisements.

You can use ad networks as intermediaries to display different forms of digital ads on their website by selling ad space to advertisers. Ad networks help you measure ad performance and track ad revenue. However, you can monetize a blog only after meeting the entry requirements set by the ad network.

Likewise, you will receive money only after your ad revenue exceeds the minimum payment threshold limit set by the ad network. Also, several researchers have highlighted the negative impact of display ads on a website’s usability and user experience.

That is why; you should explore ways to monetize a blog without ads. Here are some tactics that help you monetize blog without using any ad network.

7 Workable Tactics to Monetize Blog without Ads

Install a Paywall

According to Wikipedia, “A paywall is a method of restricting access to content, with a purchase or a paid subscription, especially news.” When you implement a paywall, website visitors will be required to pay up to read blog posts.

However, you can leverage the blog monetization tactic after gaining influence and building a reader base. Also, you must keep visitors engaged by restricting access to premium content and allowing access to free content.

At the same time, you can persuade readers to pay only by publishing content that stands out from the crowd in the categories of uniqueness and quality. You should consider this tactic while monetizing a high-traffic blog site.

Run Membership or Sponsorship Programs

New-age internet users are ready to pay to experience a richer reading experience. The trend creates opportunities for you to monetize a blog, by running membership or sponsorship programs. The programs will make readers access exclusive content and behind-the-scene information by paying a monthly fee.

You can run subscription programs effortlessly using popular membership platforms like Patreon. Patreon enables independent content creators to make money by selling digital products directly. However, you have to share a specific percentage of earnings with the platform. Also, you can increase revenue consistently only by engaging and retaining members or subscribers.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs create opportunities for content creators to make money by promoting the products or services of a company. The company pays a commission to the blogger for each sale. You can leverage this blog monetization tactic simply by inserting an affiliate link in the blog post.

The reader will click on the affiliate link to visit the seller and make a purchase. However, you can persuade readers to visit the seller’s website only by publishing relevant and compelling content. Affiliate marketing programs enable you to monetize a blog without ads effortlessly.

Convert the Blog into a Vlog or Podcast

Internet users watch an average of 17 hours of online video per week. The statistics suggest a surge in the number of internet users who prefer watching videos to reading blogs. Likewise, many internet users these days prefer listening to podcasts to read blogs.

While comparing blog monetization tactics, you should consider converting your blog into a vlog or a podcast. The video will create opportunities to make money using the options provided by YouTube and popular social networks.

At the same time, you can earn revenue by monetizing the podcast using tactics like subscription fees, affiliate marketing programs, and social media promotion. In addition to increasing content reach, these options help you make money without running ads on your blog.

Offer Freelance Content Writing Services

Companies and startups these days generate, nurture, and convert leads by running content marketing campaigns. They partner with freelance content writers to produce high-quality content by overcoming constraints related to skill and time.

You can use the blog as an effective tool to promote your content writing services. The blog posts written by you will help you attract and impress prospective customers. However, the success of this blog monetization tactic depends on the quality, engagement, and insightfulness of your content.

Also, you need to measure and track the performance of each blog post using the right metrics. The performance metrics will help you convince customers that you can write authoritative content for their target audiences.

Write Product Reviews and Roundups

While making purchase decisions, buyers shortlist and compare multiple products and services. Likewise, 99.9% of customers read reviews before buying a product or service online. That is why; most enterprises these days influence customers by publishing product reviews and information on third-party websites.

You can leverage the trend to monetize a blog without ads. The tactic requires you to write sponsored reviews by highlighting various aspects of a product. Likewise, you can create product roundups by discussing a slew of identical products like email marketing software and SEO tools.

The brand will pay you for reviewing its products or including its offering in the product roundup. However, you should consider this tactic while monetizing a blog that covers products for which customers frequently search online before making a purchase.

Sell Digital Products

While reading blogs, many readers need specific digital products to solve problems or boost experiences. For instance, readers visiting travel blogs need travel itineraries and packing lists to speed up business travel arrangements.

Likewise, entrepreneurs reading digital marketing blogs need on-page, off-page, and technical SEO checklists. You can monetize a blog without ads by selling relevant and useful digital products to readers.

However, you need to design and create the digital product according to your blog’s niche. Also, you should focus on developing digital products that meet the precise needs and expectations of your reader base.


While monetizing a blog, you can earn a recurring income without using ad networks.  However, each ad monetization method has its pros and cons. Hence, you should focus on choosing and combining the right tactics to monetize a blog without ads.

You should focus on choosing monetization options that suit your blog’s nature, content, and target audience. Also, you need to consider the amount of time required to generate revenue using specific tactics. Hence, you should prioritize and combine tactics that help you earn money quickly and regularly.

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