Top SEO Trends in 2024

Top SEO Trends in 2024 Top SEO Trends in 2024

Google has already announced its plan to use generative AI capabilities in search. The AI-powered search engine will provide more relevant and contextual information to searchers by understanding a topic quickly and uncovering new insights easily. Likewise, Microsoft has already unveiled an AI-powered Bing with ChatGPT-like capabilities.

The updated version of Bing will allow searchers to ask questions and provide real-time answers to these questions. In 2024, intelligence technologies will transform the way search engines interpret search queries and deliver search results. Also, they will revamp search engine optimization (SEO) by creating many new trends.

You boost a website’s search engine visibility and ranking only by tracking and adopting top SEO trends in 2024. Additionally, you have to focus on understanding what SEO trends work and what SEO trends don’t work. We are making it easier for you to increase organic traffic to a website by discussing some of the top SEO trends for 2024.

Top SEO Trends You Should Know and Leverage in 2024

User Experience

Google will continue to use page experience as a key search signal.  Hence, user experience optimization will remain one of the hottest SEO trends in 2024. While making SEO strategies, digital marketers will boost page experience by reducing loading speed and increasing mobile access.

At the same time, they will impress and engage searchers by embedding images, videos, and other interactive elements in web pages. Additionally, they will target both search engines and searchers while optimizing web pages using on-page SEO techniques.

Standout Content

Search engines update algorithms and use intelligence technologies to provide more relevant and contextual information to searchers. Google assesses and rates the quality of content in real-time by working with over 16,000 quality raters who are human beings and not AI-driven bots.

Hence, SEO strategies will focus extensively on improving content quality and authority in 2024. However, SEO content creation will be influenced by Google’s updated Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Content creators will improve content quality and searchability by focusing on four important quality rating criteria – experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T).

At the same time, they will emphasize the creation of standout competitive content. Additionally, they will optimize the author bio to depict that the writer of the article or blog has both experience and expertise on the topic.

Zero Click Searches

Many searchers these days gather information directly from search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO strategies in 2024 will target searchers who do not click on search results and visit websites. Content creators and optimizers will explore ways to position zero.

While optimizing content, they will leverage options provided by search engines like featured snippets. Also, they will target searchers by including questions, answering frequently asked questions, keeping content scannable, and using schema markups.

Voice Search Optimization

In 2024, the number of searchers will increase who prefer voice search to typing search queries. However, searchers will give voice search commands in various languages and ways. Also, they will find information about products, services, and businesses mostly by asking questions.

Hence, voice search optimization will remain one of the top SEO trends in 2024. SEO professionals will adopt this trend by keeping content conversational, using long-tail keywords, and incorporating questions. Enterprises will implement comprehensive voice search optimization strategies to target searchers using digital assistants.

Organic Link Building

As a tried-and-tested SEO strategy, link building will not become obsolete in the near future. However, SEO strategies in 2024 will prioritize the quality of backlinks over the quantity of backlinks. SEO professionals will focus on acquiring high-quality external links by building relationships with high-authority websites.

Also, they will increase link-building opportunities by publishing infographics, videos, and research papers. At the same time, they will explore ways to gain high-quality links using influencers, social media, and niche online forums.

The AI-driven SEO tools will help these professionals find link-building opportunities by analyzing competitors and leveraging real-time data. Hence, link-building strategies will become more sophisticated and dynamic in 2024.

Image SEO

While shopping online, 36% of customers use visual search and find visual information relevant. Advanced visual recognition technologies will make it easier for searchers in 2024 to find relevant information by uploading images and screenshots.

That is why; image search optimization will become an important eCommerce SEO trend in 2024. Digital marketers will optimize textual content by embedding high-quality videos. Also, they will optimize the images and photos to boost the visibility of SERPs.

YouTube SEO

In 2024, internet users will spend more time on video content than textual content. The surge in video content consumption will make enterprises implement YouTube Video SEO. In addition to improving a video’s user experience and engagement, digital marketers will optimize its search visibility by writing keyword-rich descriptions and transcripts.

At the same time, they will boost a video’s search visibility using video tags, video categories, custom thumbnail images, subtitles, and closed captions. Along with responding to comments, they will interact with viewers by requesting them to like, share, and subscribe.

Multichannel Integration

In 2024, enterprises will invest in SEO to increase website traffic and generate more leads organically. However, they will boost customer acquisition and revenue generation by running multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. For instance, they will use popular social networks to enhance content reach and boost customer engagement.

The cross-channel integration will impact SEO strategies and campaigns directly. Digital marketers will explore ways to repurpose and redistribute the content created for SEO campaigns. Also, SEO professionals will work as part of a unified team consisting of professionals managing social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertisement.

AI-Powered Tools

Intelligence technologies create opportunities for enterprises to transform SEO automation. In 2024, digital marketers will have the option to choose from many AI-powered SEO tools. They will use AI content generators to reduce the time and effort required to produce SEO content.

Likewise, they can use AI-driven software to optimize images, headings, tags, and other page elements. These tools will make it easier for them to form and refine SEO strategies based on real-time data like keyword performance and searcher behavior. Also, the data-driven insights shared by the software will help users predict SEO trends based on real-time data.


Artificial intelligence technologies will transform search engines and search engine optimization in 2024. Leading search engines like Google and Bing use AI models to understand search queries and deliver search engines in a completely different way. The intelligence technologies and algorithm updates make it essential for you to identify and leverage top SEO trends in 2024 early and regularly.

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