Best 11 Free Social Media Tools for 2023

In 2023, 60% of people in the world access social networks. Also, an average user spends about two and a half hours every day on various social networking platforms. These statistics depict the massive significance of social networking platforms as customer communication and digital marketing channel for companies and startups in 2023.

But you cannot boost customer acquisition and sales conversion in 2023 without managing multiple social media accounts efficiently and simultaneously. Also, you need to measure your brand’s social presence and detect emerging trends using social media analytics.

There are many free social media tools that help you create, schedule, publish, and promote digital content on multiple social networking platforms. Likewise, you can use several free social media software solutions to measure the performance of social media marketing campaigns using various metrics.

11 of the Best Free Social Media Tools Your Business Should Leverage in 2023

1. Buffer

Buffer provides you with tools to publish content and analyze social media performance. You can leverage content publishing tools to publish content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest using a single dashboard. At the same time, you can leverage social media analytics tools to measure your brand’s social media performance using several metrics. However, the free version of Buffer allows you to target up to 3 social networks and schedule 10 posts per channel.

2. Canva

Your business can post relevant images on social networks to communicate brand information by gaining attention and increasing engagement. You can use this widely-used graphic design tool to boost social media campaigns by processing a variety of digital designs. You can use the free edition of Canva to digital designs in minutes using prebuilt templates. Also, you can use the software to publish and schedule the graphics directly.

3. TweetDeck

You should consider this free social media application to manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously and efficiently using a unified interface. TweetDeck allows you to create customized dashboards. You can use the dashboard to monitor multiple Twitter profiles as well as send, schedule, and receive tweets.

4. Friends+Me

Friends+Me makes it easier for you to publish content on several leading social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can access this social media tool as a desktop app or a browser app to schedule and publish content by creating queues for each targeted social networking platform. The free version of Friends+Me allows you to create 2 queues and schedule 5 posts per queue. You have to upgrade the plan to increase the number of queues.

5. Planable

The delay in content approval often impacts the performance of social media campaigns. You can opt for Planable as a collaboration tool to get the content approved by various stakeholders in a reduced amount of time. You can use Planable to create and schedule content for multiple social networks as well as get the content reviewed and get feedback from various stakeholders. However, the free edition of Planable allows users to post up to 50 posts.


IFTTT automates social media management by providing users with a wide range of applets. You can use these applets to manage profiles and post content on specific social networks. For instance, you can use the Facebook applet to connect to Facebook and post content on the social network. IFTTT allows you to use platform-specific applets from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. But you can use only 5 applets while using the free version of IFTTT.

7. FS Poster

You can use this popular WordPress plugin to boost site SEO and manage social media campaigns. FS Poster makes it easier for you to publish and schedule content on many social networking platforms using a unified dashboard. Also, you can measure the performance of social media campaigns using a variety of metrics by leveraging social media analytics.

8. Zoho Social

Zoho Social helps you schedule content and track content performance by providing a variety of tools and features. You can use a social media scheduler to customize and schedule content for each targeted social networking platform. Also, you can measure your brand’s social media performance using multiple metrics simply by generating reports. However, you can manage your social media campaigns using Zoho Social for 15 days by requesting a free trial.

9. Followerwonk

You can consider Followerwonk to boost social media campaigns on Twitter. The social media tool helps you increase followers, connect with influencers, and compare Twitter accounts. Also, you can run targeted campaigns by dividing your followers into relevant segments based on their location, bio, and whom they follow. The tool helps you create and post relevant content on Twitter by understanding what your followers want and like. But you can use the free edition of Followerwonk to connect to a single Twitter account.

10. Postly

Postly makes it easier for you to run social media campaigns by providing a variety of tools. You can automate social media content creation and optimization using an AI-driven writer. Also, you can accelerate content creation using important tools like bulk content uploader, image editor, URL shortener, and team collaboration. These tools make it easier for you to create the content once and post the same content on multiple social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

11. Built-in Social Media Analytics Tools

Your business cannot make social media marketing campaigns successful in 2023 without analyzing the large amount of data collected from social networks. You can use social media analytics tools to get actionable insights and detect emerging trends effortlessly by analyzing large volumes of social media data.

Leading social networking platforms make it easier for you to gain actionable data by providing built-in specific analytics. You can use the free social media analytics tool to measure the performance of digital content posted on a specific social network.

For instance, you can use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your videos posted on this popular video-sharing platform. Likewise, you can use Instagram Analytics to understand the performance of photos and videos posted on this photo and video-sharing social network.


You can manage your brand’s social media presence and reputation in 2023 using several free social media tools. But some of these free social media management solutions come with basic features. Also, you can use the premium social media tools for a short period by requesting a free trial or demo. That is why; you should focus on choosing the software that makes it easier for you to manage social media for your company or startup in the longer run.

Here are important Content amplification tools and website monetization tools for your reference: you can use them along with the free social media tools to get the maximum benefits for your website.

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