B2B Email Marketing Best Practices 2024

Email marketing has been one of the most trusted arsenals for B2B marketers all around the world. Though we have seen a lot of new-age communication tools like search engine optimization, social media marketing, instant messaging, and intelligent chatbots, the popularity of email marketing has always been on the rise. Today, in this blog post, we would like to understand more about the B2B email marketing best practices that can be followed in 2024 and beyond.


According to a market research report released by Content Marketing Institute, 81% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers create and distribute email newsletters regularly.  Likewise, 31% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as the primary communication channel to nurture leads. Your business can easily generate and nurture leads by sending personalized and targeted emails.

The email marketing automation tools help you to run and track multiple email marketing campaigns without investing extra resources. But you still need to implement a set of B2B email marketing best practices to drive sales conversion. Also, you must avoid several common email marketing mistakes to boost email conversions consistently.


Saurav, One of my good friends, who has recently set up his own startup recently, called me last Friday evening and asked me “Hey, I have started working on my 2023 marketing plan. We have a robust email marketing plan ready. Can you quickly tell me what are the other ways to generate B2B leads”. My answer to him was “It Depends. It all starts with your products, target customers, what are the problems they are facing, what kind of problems are solved by your products, and also, the price points of your products. Based on that you will need to create multiple touch points for your target customers to influence their purchase decisions and create your B2B lead generation strategies”.


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