11 Landing Page Best Practices to Implement in 2021

Landing Page Best Practices 11 Landing Page Best Practices to Implement in 2021

As a standalone web page on the website, the landing page acts as a powerful marketing tool to convert website visitors into leads and customers by making them share contact information. Digital marketers can easily generate more leads by diverting website traffic to dedicated landing pages instead of the home page. In addition to facilitating lead generation, the landing page helps businesses to collect important customer experience, track customer engagement, and assess the performance of marketing offers.

But your business cannot generate more leads without optimizing the landing page. Google recommends digital marketers to drive conversion rates and get higher returns on ad-spend by optimizing the landing pages with relevant and targeted messaging. But you cannot optimize landing pages effectively in 2021 only by following the latest search engine guidelines. Along with adhering to the latest guidelines, you must implement a slew of landing page best practices.

11 Landing Page Best Practices to Boost Lead Generation and Conversion in 2021

Align the Landing Page to Ad Campaigns

Most website visitors land on the landing page by clicking on paid search engine ads or social media ads. You can keep them engaged and persuade them to share contact information only when the landing page complements the ads perfectly. While designing or optimizing the landing page, you must keep in mind the ads. The compatibility is essential to meet the expectations of visitors by including the most relevant and targeted messaging in the landing page.

Keep the Landing Page Responsive

Like other pages on the website, the landing page also needs to deliver a superior user experience. You must remember that a large percentage of visitors will access the landing page on their mobile devices. Also, they will abandon the landing page if it does not load in less than 2 seconds. That is why; you must make the landing page accessible on both computers and mobile devices seamlessly by adopting responsive web design.

Capture Visitor’s Undivided Attention

The landing page can generate leads only by capturing the undivided attention of the visitors. While designing the landing page, you must not include any navigation options and alternative links. Also, you must make the visitor notice the key elements of the landing page – headline, offer and call to action – clearly and directly without scrolling down.

Convey Key Benefits in Seconds

In addition to persuading a visitor to share her contact details, the landing page must influence her purchase decisions in a few seconds. You can convey the benefits the visitors can avail of by sharing her contact information by creating a headline. The visitor will read the benefit-focused headline immediately after landing on the web page. Hence, the headline will make her understand the key benefits or values immediately and directly.

Make a Relevant and Compelling Offer

You can persuade a website visitor to share her contact data only by making an offer that is both relevant and compelling. In addition to meeting the visitor’s expectations, the offer must highlight your product or service. You can even convey the offer more effectively by using images that showcase the emotional feeling of a person who accepts the offer made by you.

Write Compelling Ad Copy

You have to complement the headline and images by writing compelling ad copy. The ad copy must be compelling enough to persuade the visitor to take the desired action. The copy must convey the most relevant information to the visitor clearly and quickly. Also, it must persuade the visitor to complete the desired action like sharing contact information. You can easily keep the ad copy compelling and engaging using words like you and your.

Keep the Lead Form Accessible

The primary purpose of the landing page is to persuade the visitor to fill in the lead generation form. Hence, you must place the lead generation form above the fold to ensure that the visitor can share information without scrolling down. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the lead generation form is visible and accessible to the visitor when she scrolls down.

Include a Direct and Clear Call-to-Action

You cannot persuade the visitor to perform a specific action without including a call to action that is clear and distinct. You must keep the call to action persuasive by including words like download, submit, and get. Also, you must make the call to action button stand out from the crowd by using a unique color or different font.

Include a Thank You Page

Once the visitor takes the desired action, you must thank her by displaying a thank you page. You can display the thank you message on the landing page. But you can leverage a slew of benefits by redirecting the lead to a thank you page. The page will help you to form an emotional bond with the lead by delivering the offer. Also, you can use the thank you page as a tool to convey additional information and content.

Evaluate Multiple Versions of Landing Page

You cannot create a conversion-friendly landing page without creating and evaluating multiple versions of the landing page. You can easily evaluate and compare different versions of the landing page by performing A/B testing. But you must focus on each of the four most important elements of the landing page – headline, value proposition, call to action, and lead generation form – while performing A/B testing.

Optimize the Landing Page for Search Engines

Your business will divert visitors to the landing page by running digital marketing campaigns, search engine ads, or social ads. But you must not forget to optimize the landing page for search engines. The landing page SEO will help searchers find and access the landing page directly while searching using relevant keywords. Also, you can generate more leads by diverting organic search engine traffic to the landing page.

Your business can easily generate more leads and increase sales conversion by implementing landing page best practices. But you must assess the performance of the landing page from time to time using the appropriate metrics. Also, you must explore ways to make the landing page conversion-friendly by implementing new landing page best practices regularly.

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