What is a Competitive Intelligence Platform?

What is a Competitive Intelligence Platform What is a Competitive Intelligence Platform?

Companies and startups these days operate in a competitive environment. They have to beat the competition by using new pricing models, marketing channels, and promotional strategies. In addition to focusing on customers’ needs and preferences, they know competitors by analyzing information gathered from diverse sources.

What is a Competitive Intelligence Platform?

Competitive intelligence or corporate intelligence platforms automate the collection and analysis of information about competitors, customers, and the marketplace. A competitive intelligence platform gains actionable insights by analyzing large volumes of published and unpublished information about business rivals.

The data-driven insights help entrepreneurs and decision-makers gain a competitive advantage by making informed decisions. Decision-makers leverage these actionable insights to outperform rivals by extending product lines, using new marketing channels, updating promotional strategies, and revising pricing models.

At the same time, competitive intelligence platforms help marketing, sales, and product teams analyze competitor strategies and predict competitor actions. Leading competitive intelligence solutions provides actionable insights by analyzing data collected from diverse sources – company websites, blogs, social media, online news, and regulatory portals.

The new-age software solutions further detect market risks and opportunities using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. AI makes these tech tools more effective in detecting emerging trends, anticipating competitor action, and measuring marketing gaps. Enterprises these days gain a competitive advantage using various competitive intelligence platforms.

What are the Best Competitive Intelligence Platforms?

Competitive intelligence platforms differ from each other in several aspects, including data accuracy, market trend detection, and real-time insights. Also, some of these tools are easier to use, scale, and integrate than others. We are shortlisting some of the best competitive intelligence platforms by gathering information from various online sources.

Google Alerts

The free tech tool provided by Google helps users track and monitor competitors by receiving email alerts. Google Alerts allows users to create a variety of alerts. A user can decide what type of website to track, how many results to see, and how often to receive notifications.

Marketers leverage Google Alerts as a simple competitive intelligence tool to track the content published by competitors relevant to specific search queries. Also, email notifications make it easier for them to track industry trends, monitor brand reputation, and find topics of interest based on up-to-date competitor data.


Similarweb helps users analyze the performance and strategies of competitors by featuring a competitive analysis suite. The software helps users identify top competitors and analyze their traffic across channels. It features a dashboard that simplifies real-time tracking of competitors’ activities.

Marketers can use Similarweb to get key insights like top traffic sources, channel overview, traffic engagement, traffic trends, and affiliate partners. The insights shared by the platform make it easier for users to leverage growth opportunities by refining their search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing (SMM) strategies.


SEMrush provides competitive intelligence software that gains actionable insights by conducting 360-degree competitor research. Marketers can use the tool to identify top competitors and understand their user acquisition channels and traffic generation patterns.

The software helps marketers know the ads launched and content published by rivals by tracking them in real-time. Further, they can use the software to boost SEO strategies by monitoring billions of keywords and backlinks across regions.

Competitor Monitor

The proprietary software helps users gain a competitive edge by monitoring competitors around the clock. Competitor Monitor gathers information about competitors across websites, marketplaces, and regions. The comprehensive information helps users understand competitors deeply based on their product pricing, promotional strategies, and customer reviews.

Users also have the option to get insights by evaluating products offered by competitors using relevant data points like brand, price range, and customer reviews. The daily alerts sent by Competitor Monitor help users beat the competition by tracking marketing activities, new listings, and price changes in real-time.

G2 Market Intelligence

G2 is popular with users as a peer-to-peer review site. However, the company provides premium competitive intelligence tools to the sales and marketing team. Marketing and sales teams can leverage G2 Market Intelligence to identify top competitors and gain insights into their products.

The software gains actionable insights by analyzing millions of data points about competitors, products, and customer preferences. It helps users understand if a competitor is gaining or losing market share. In addition, users can improve their products and gain market share by adopting trends detected based on reviews posted by real users.


Klue is an AI-powered competitive enablement platform. It helps users leverage competitive intelligence by providing insights by monitoring their competitive environment. Klue uses intelligence technologies to analyze high-quality data from a large number of competitors.

Also, it streamlines competitor data analysis by adding context to the data and sharing data-driven insights frequently. Various teams can access the marketing and competitive intelligence using a unified interface.

They can leverage the insights shared by Klue to measure the impact of content published by competitors on their revenue and sales cycle lengths. An enterprise can make the competitive intelligence software more impactful by integrating it with existing business tools.


Evalueserve has built Insightsfirst as an AI-powered competitive intelligence platform. The software helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by sharing insights gathered through the analysis of curated and vetted information collected from diverse sources. Insightsfirst keeps the intelligence accessible by featuring a trend dashboard and sending curated emails.

Marketing and sales teams can use the dashboard to track specific competitors. Also, the dashboard makes it easier for them to track crucial competitor activities – mergers, acquisitions, product launches, digital initiatives, licensing partnerships, and pipeline updates. Enterprises can boost the performance of Insightsfirst by subscribing to other tech solutions provided by Evalueserve.


Crayon is an AI-powered competitive intelligence platform. It helps enterprises close more deals by providing a slew of tech products. Sales and marketing teams can use Analyze to get insights into competitors by receiving emails. The software makes it easier for users to take the right action by scoring insights based on importance.

Enable makes it easier for users to gain a competitive advantage by creating and publishing content based on recent news and real-time insights. Salespeople can use Measure to rank competitors based on the deals won by them. Crayon further helps professionals gather and analyze competitor data by conducting Competitive Intelligence Certification Courses.


A competitive intelligence platform gathers information about competitors in a legal and ethical way. Further, the data-driven insights shared by the special-purpose software solution help product, sales, and marketing teams gain a competitive advantage by making informed decisions.

Most competitive intelligence platforms help users track and predict competitor activities by analyzing published and unpublished data. The new-age competitive intelligence software leverages AI technologies to share data insights gained through the analysis of high-quality and relevant data about competitors.

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