Best SEO Writing Tools for Best Organic Traffic

Best SEO Writing Tools for better Organic Ranking Best SEO Writing Tools for Best Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often described as the process of improving the visibility of a web page or website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Digital marketers boost a website’s search performance by implementing a slew of on-page and off-page SEO strategies. But you must remember that the SEO Starter Guide published by Google links SEO exclusively with content.

According to Google Search Central,

You should build a website to benefit your users, and gear any optimization toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content. SEO is about helping search engines understand and present content.

Major search engines like Google and Bing change and update their search algorithms frequently to boost the searcher experience and deliver better search results. Some of these major search engine algorithms often make many SEO techniques and best practices obsolete. But you can minimize the impact of search algorithm updates on your SEO strategy by focusing extensively on content planning, creation, and optimizations.

There are many SEO writing tools that make it easier for you to create and optimize content for search engines. You can leverage these widely used SEO content writing tools to optimize content for both search engines and searchers simultaneously. You can leverage these online content writing tools and solutions to produce content that increases organic search traffic to your website and keep the website visitors engaged.

19 SEO Writing Tools to Create High-Quality Content for Search Engines and Searchers

1) Grammarly

The search engines emphasize delivering error-free content to searchers. That is why; major search engines penalize content with spelling and grammatical errors. Grammarly helps you to create SEO-friendly content by identifying and fixing a variety of errors – spelling, grammar, clarity, punctuation, and engagement. In addition to highlighting various errors, the online content writing assistant helps writers fix these errors by suggesting replacements. The premium edition of Grammarly comes with a slew of additional features, including plagiarism detection.

2) Copyscape

Search engines do not penalize duplicate or copied content explicitly. But search engine algorithm updates always aim to deliver fresh and original content to searchers. That is why; you can boost the search visibility of an article or blog only by ensuring that the content is 100% original. Copyscape makes it easier for you to detect duplicate and plagiarized content before publishing an article or blog. Millions of content writers and digital marketers use this online plagiarism detection service to publish only original text content.

3) Ginger

You can use this widely used writing assistant tool in multiple formats – desktop application, mobile apps, and browser add-on. But each edition version of Ginger helps you to optimize content for both search engines and searchers in a number of ways – fixing grammatical errors, improving sentence structures, using appropriate wording and ensuring subject-verb agreement. You can use Ginger regularly based on multiple pricing plans. Some of these pricing plans allow you to avail of premium features like translation. Many content writers these days prefer Ginger to Grammarly as it supports over 40 languages.

4) Copywriterly

Based on your content writing needs, you have the option to choose from four distinct editions of Copywriterly – personal, startup, company, and enterprise. Each edition of Copywriterly enables you to optimize content for both search engines and searchers by leveraging a slew of online tools – grammar checker, duplicate content checker, keyword density checker, and word counters. At the same time, you can access an online SEO Content Guide to understand the key stages in SEO content writing and optimize content for search engines based on a variety of factors.

5) Surfer SEO

As its name suggests, this online writing assistant comes with features to speed up SEO-optimized content writing. You can create and optimize content for search engines using a slew of features provided by SEO Surfer – content editor, content planner, keyword research, SEO audit, and SERP analyzer. You can use the content editor provided by SEO Surfer to assess the search performance of the content written by you using over 500 on-page signals. Also, SEO Surfer helps you to boost the content’s search performance by improving the content score and improving individual ranking signals. You can use this popular SEO content writing solution by choosing from three different pricing options – basic, pro, and business.

6) MarketMuse

Market Muse is developed as an enterprise content planning solution. Many enterprises these days leverage this cloud-based writing solution to speed up and automate content creation using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. While using Surfer SEO, you can produce editor-ready drafts of content using a tool called First Draft. Likewise, you can use an online text editor to make the content readable and SEO-friendly based on real-time feedback and recommendation. Enterprise users can automate content creation and optimization activities using one of the three editions of Surfer SEO – trial, plus, and premium.

7) Topic

This popular online SEO writing tool helps content creators and digital marketers to create content that is optimized for search engines before publication. You can use Topic to curtain the time and effort required to create SEO-friendly content in several ways – finding appropriate keywords and headings; creating a comprehensive content outline, and optimizing the content for search engines based on real-time feedback. You have the option to choose from three distinct editions of Topic – starter, plus, and premium. Each edition currently supports five languages.

8) SEOtagg

SEOtagg is one of the SEO writing tools that modernize content research, creation, and management using AI algorithms. You can use this new-age content marketing and SEO writing solution to find content opportunities, create the first draft, and optimize the content for search engines by leveraging AI. At the same time, the robust text editor provided by SEOtagg helps you to evaluate the content according to the targeted search terms and your SEO strategy. You can use SEOtagg by choosing from four pricing plans – free, starter, pro, and guru.

9) Textmetrics

Unlike other widely used SEO writing tools, Textmetrics is not developed with features to optimize blogs and articles for search engines. Instead, this SEO tool focuses extensively on helping businesses and recruiters find potential candidates by optimizing job descriptions for search engines. You can leverage this online tool to write SEO job descriptions using AI algorithms. In addition to providing ready-to-use templates, Textmetrics helps you to find the most relevant keywords.  You can analyze and optimize your existing content by using Textmetrics for seven days on a trial basis.

10) Semrush Tools

This widely used SEO and digital marketing solution helps you to write and optimize content for search engines by providing two useful tools – SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant. You can use SEO Content Template to create SEO-friendly content based on recommendations. The online tool will give recommendations by analyzing content on Google’s top 10-ranking pages based on your target keywords. At the same time, you can use SEO Writing Assistant to check and measure the SEO-friendliness of your content based on the targeted keywords.

11) Yoast

Yoast is currently the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. You have the option to several editions to Yoast plugins according to your precise needs. Each of these Yoast plugins comes with built-in tools to optimize content for search engines. You can leverage these tools provided by Yoast to perform real-time content analysis. After writing the content, you can measure and improve its SEO-friendliness based on the overall SEO score displayed on the screen. Also, it helps you to boost the content’s search visibility by making simple but relevant changes. Here is a quick guide to using Yoast SEO.

12) AnswerThePublic

Before writing and optimizing content, content writers and search engine optimizers spend time gathering and evaluating content ideas. AnswerThePublic makes it easier for SEO writers to get relevant content ideas based on autocomplete data collected from leading search engines like Google. You can leverage the online tool to know the phrases searchers use and questions searchers ask according to your targeted keywords. You can use AnswerThePublic Pro to get content ideas based on any number of keywords and track search behavior changes.

13) On-Page Optimization Tools

The SEO writing assistant developed by Internet Marketing Ninjas helps you to create and optimize content by providing a slew of useful tools – keyword optimization tool, keyword density tool, header check tool, and link accounting tool. You can use these On-Page Optimization Tools to review the content similar to the way search engine spiders see the data. You can further leverage these tools to boost content’s search visibility using a variety of on-page SEO techniques without incurring extra expenses.

14) IsItWP Headline Analyzer

Major search engines consider headlines while analyzing and ranking content. Similarly, authentic and relevant headlines make your content more effective in keeping searchers and website visitors. While writing and optimizing content, you must focus extensively on creating and optimizing headlines. You can leverage IsItWP Headline Analyzer to analyze and evaluate headlines based on a slew of parameters – word count, word balance, headline length, common words, uncommon words, power words, and emotional words. The online tool helps you to optimize headlines for both search engines and searchers by improving the overall score to 70.

15) Google Trends

Often content writers find it challenging to pick a topic that is frequently searched by people. You can use Google Trends to compare and evaluate multiple search terms across regions, categories, and languages by launching Google Trends. The popular online service helps you to check what people are searching for simply by entering a topic or search term. Also, you can use Google Trends to compare multiple search terms while performing content research. The tool makes it easier for you to differentiate between the rising and declining search trends using both data and graphs.

16) Text Tools

This online SEO tool optimizes content for search engines scientifically using a formular called TF-IDF and WDF-IDF. The formular used by Text Tools analyzes the quality of web content semantically. You can use this tool while writing content to choose and include the right key phrases in the right places by getting suggestions and recommendations. Also, Text Tools helps you to assess the relevance of the content written by you for the selected and targeted keywords using algorithms. You can use Text Tools by choosing from three pricing options – free trial, professional, and premium.

17) Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is developed as a simple word processor. But it comes with features and tools to help you write content that is simple, clear, and powerful. You have the option to use Hemingway Editor either as a desktop application or an online tool. But none of these editions come with features to optimize content for search engines. Many content writers still leverage Hemingway Editor to produce readable and error-free content by getting on-time assistance and tips. While writing content for SEO campaigns, you can leverage this tool to boost content quality in a number of ways – simplifying complex sentences, using shorter words, replacing weaker phrases, and changing passive voice.

18) Clearscope

This premium online tool helps you to drive organic traffic to your website for search engines by optimizing content using AI. Clearscope uses AI algorithms to create content that is relevant for searchers, along with being readable, searchable, clickable, and sharable. At the same time, the guides and tutorials provided by Clearscope help writers bridge the gap between content writing and SEO. You can use Clearscope by choosing from three pricing plans – essential, professional, and enterprise.

19) Content Writing Outsourcing

Many enterprises these days prefer human content writers to SEO writing tools while producing SEO-friendly content. Instead of investing in premium SEO content writing tools, they prefer outsourcing content writing projects to competent and expert content writers. While comparing some of the widely used SEO writing tools, you must not forget to outsource content writing activities. You can easily find and shortlist competent writers using both search engines and social media. In addition to using their skill and expertise, these writers produce SEO-friendly content using some of these widely used SEO writing tools.

In addition to reducing the time and effort required to create high-quality content, these SEO writing tools help you to optimize the content for both search engines and searchers. But you cannot use a single SEO writing tool to automate multiple and different content writing activities. Your SEO strategy must focus on boosting the content creation and optimization process by combining the right SEO content writing tools.

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