Amazon SEO Strategy in 2023

Amazon SEO Strategy Amazon SEO Strategy in 2023

While selling your products online in 2023, you have the option to choose from many eCommerce companies and platforms. But you cannot increase sales revenue consistently without selling your products on a leading and dominating online retailing platform like Amazon. You can easily list and sell your products on the eCommerce platform by becoming an Amazon Seller.

While listing your products on Amazon, you must remember that online retailer, like major search engines, emphasizes the delivery of informative, relevant, and reliable content to every customer. It updates its search engine ranking algorithm (A10) frequently to display relevant products according to the customer’s search query.

You can boost online sales only by making your products rank on the first page. That is why; you must implement an Amazon SEO strategy in 2023 to attract more online shoppers by making your products rank higher on Amazon searches. It is also important to make your Amazon SEO strategy more impactful in 2023 by adopting a slew of best practices.

9 Best Practices to Adopt While Implementing Amazon SEO Strategy in 2023

1) Understand What A10 Algorithm Considers

Amazon A9 algorithm was using profits as the key parameter for product ranking. But the A10 algorithm prioritizes customer experience over profits. The latest product ranking algorithm emphasizes boosting the shopper experience by displaying accurate results accurately in a user-friendly way.

That is why; you can boost the performance of the Amazon SEO strategy in 2023 by optimizing the key factors affecting the A10 algorithm – seller authority, sales history, impressions, internal sales, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CVR), organic sales and PPC sales.

2) Find the Most-Searched and Trending Keywords

Like traditional SEO strategies, your Amazon SEO strategy must focus on finding the most relevant and searched keywords. While shortlisting keywords, you must check the rank of individual search terms. At the same time, you need to consider the current search trends.

As a registered brand owner, you can compare and finalize keywords using the keyword tool provided by Amazon – Brand Analytics. However, you must experiment with multiple variations of the search terms to make the product appear on more Amazon searches by increasing search frequency.

3) Optimize the Listing Content

The product description influences both shoppers and Amazon SEO. You must keep the product description informative and engaging to hold shoppers’ attention. At the same time, you can include the most-searched keywords naturally in the content to boost the product’s search ranking.

While composing product descriptions, you must remember that shoppers love to read content created in an F-shaped pattern. Hence, you must divide the product information into easy-to-read paragraphs. It is also important to convert the product description into Amazon A+ content by embedding multimedia content like images, videos, text cards, links, and rich text.

4) Consider Backend Search Terms

While implementing an Amazon SEO strategy; marketers often ignore to leverage backend search terms. You can leverage backend search terms just like search engine meta tags to convey additional information about the product to Amazon.

As the shoppers cannot see the backend search terms, you can become creative and use long-tail keywords, related search terms, and alternative spellings as backend search terms. However, you must prioritize the backend search terms as Amazon allows you to include only 249 bytes of characters in the backend fields.

5) Target Search Filters

Amazon enables shoppers to narrow the search results using a variety of search filters. The search filters often impact the visibility of products on Amazon search. You can minimize the impact of search filters by including additional and relevant information in the product listing.

While composing the product description, you need to include information that helps your product fall under specific categories. Also, you can include additional information in the description by thinking from the perspective of shoppers who will use various search filters.

6) Make the Product Image Persuasive

You can influence both customers and Amazon search algorithms by making the product image alluring and persuasive. But you cannot impact Amazon SEO simply by uploading high-resolution images. It is always important to keep the main product image engaging to get a higher CTR.

At the same time, the informative image conveys important aspects of the product to customers before they read the content. You can increase Amazon’s ranking and sales conversion by complementing the main product with an additional image that improves two ranking factors CR and CTR simultaneously.

7) Build and Enhance Credibility

Amazon A10 algorithm uses seller authority as a key ranking factor. You can easily optimize the product listing by building and boosting credibility consistently. You can leverage customer reviews as a powerful tool for building credibility.

However, you need to ensure that the customer reviews are organic and not paid. It is always important to communicate with customers through multiple channels and request them to review and rate your product on Amazon a few days after the order is delivered.

8) Differentiate Product

While implementing Amazon SEO strategy in 2023, you must focus extensively on making your product stand out from the competitors. You should spend some time analyzing the content created by competitors to get innovative ideas.

Likewise, you must review the customer reviews posted on the competitor’s product listing to know what customers like and dislike. The competitor analysis will make it easier for you to create an Amazon SEO strategy by understanding what works and what does not.

9) Monitor and Audit Product Listing Regularly

You can boost your product’s visibility on Amazon search by reviewing product listings regularly. You must implement new ideas to optimize the product listing by making the product image more appealing and the product title attention-grabbing.

You must provide relevant and precise information about your product to customers. Also, you must include the appropriate keywords in the title and description to ensure that your product matches the search keywords entered by shoppers.

Amazon will continue to update its organic product ranking algorithms in 2023. You can rank your product higher on Amazon searches only by monitoring, reviewing, and refining your Amazon SEO strategy. It is always important to understand the updated Amazon search algorithms (A10) to keep your SEO strategy relevant in the near run.

This article was republished in April 2023.

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