Top 10 AI Plagiarism Checkers

Top AI Plagiarism Checkers Top 10 AI Plagiarism Checkers

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots like ChatGPT have already started transforming content creation and content marketing. Many bloggers and content creators leverage these natural language processing tools to produce a variety of topics without putting in extra time and effort.

They use the tool to produce a rough draft of an article or blog. Also, they share the same content with website owners and publishing platforms after editing and finetuning. Leading search engines like Google believe that webmasters publish auto-generated content with the intention to manipulate a website’s search engine ranking.

Google Search Central advises content creators and publishers to focus on creating original, high-quality, and people-first content instead of generating content using intelligence technologies. Also, it uses machine learning algorithms to detect AI content using signals like grammar, syntax, and text structure.

That is why; you can increase a website’s search engine ranking by posting human-generated content instead of AI content. There are many tools that enable you to detect AI-generated content. We are making it easier for you to optimize content for search engines by discussing some of these AI plagiarism checkers.

10 AI Plagiarism Checkers to Detect and Remove AI-Generated Content


As a classification model, GPTZero helps you know if the content is produced using chatbots. It indicates the percentage of AI-generated content included in an article or blog by showing a score. Makers have trained the AI plagiarism checker using a wide variety of AI-generated and human-created content. Hence, it detects the content generated using many popular chatbots accurately. Makers have been increasing the accuracy by submitting more text to GPTZero.


GPTRadar detects AI-generated content using OpenAI GPT-3. OpenAI GPT-3 is defined as an autoregressive model with the capability to produce human-like text. Hence, you can use the plagiarism checker to identify content generated using ChatGPT accurately. However, GPTRadar produces more reliable results when the length of the content exceeds 400 words. You can use the online tool based on the pay-as-you-go pricing model.


CopyLeaks provides three distinct digital products – Plagiarism Detector, AI Content Detector, and AI Grader. As the names suggest, you can use AI Content Detector to check if the content is human-written or AI-generated. Likewise, you can use Plagiarism Detector to check if a piece of content is original or not using AI algorithms. At the same time, AI Grader helps educators assign grades to students quickly by evaluating thousands of tests at once.

Winston AI

The premium online tool helps content creators and web publishers if the content is generated by a human or a chatbot. Winston AI can check textual content as well as content extracted from images and scanned documents. It displays a score that makes you understand what percentage of content is human-written and what percentage of content is AI-generated. Also, Winston AI makes it easier for you to organize and categorize documents by adding labels.

Writer AI Content Detector

Writer helps users produce AI content that appears like being written by humans. In addition to facilitating AI content generation, Writer helps users detect and refine AI-generated content. You can use Writer AI Content Detector to check if any content appears to be generated by chatbots. The free tool enables you to detect AI content by pasting up to 1500 characters. But you can access the AI plagiarism checker as an API while using Writer App.

Writefull GPT Detector

The online tool launched by Writefull enables you to detect if the content is generated using ChatGPT, GPT-3, or GPT-4. You check AI plagiarism simply by pasting content in a textbox. It will show a score depicting the probability of the piece of content generated using any chatbot launched by OpenAI. However, Writefull is yet to update the GPT Detector to check the authenticity of the content generated by other chatbots.

Crossplag AI Content Detector

The premium AI plagiarism checker enables you to know if a piece of content is generated by a human or chatbot in seconds. Crossplag AI Content Detector indicates the percentage of human-written and chatbot-generated content in a piece of content in terms of percentages. It allows you to paste the content in a textbox or upload a file in multiple formats. You can consider this tool to detect AI-generated content free of cost.

OpenAI Text Classifier

OpenAI popularized AI content generation by introducing ChatGPT. The company recently made it easier for users to detect AI content by introducing a free tool called AI Text Classifier. You can use AI Text Classifier to distinguish between AI-generated and human-written content in seconds. However, OpenAI mentions that the tool still does not detect AI content with 100% accuracy. Also, it produces more reliable results when the length of the content exceeds 1000 characters or 150 words.

Sapling AI Detector

This AI plagiarism checker was developed by former researchers at Google, Princeton, and Berkley. Sapling AI Detector helps you check if the content is produced using language models like ChatGPT or GPT-3.5. It indicates if the content is original or fake by showing a score. At the same time, it highlights the sentences that look like being generated by chatbots.

AI Writing Check

The free online service is developed with the aim to help educators check if a student has submitted AI-generated content. But content writers and content publishers can leverage AI Writing Check to detect AI content with 80% to 90% accuracy. You can use the free tool to check the originality of only short-form content. Developers request you divide long-form content into individual sections to get a more accurate result.


You can detect AI-generated content using many free and premium online tools. Some of these AI plagiarism checkers detect content produced by ChatGPT and other chatbots developed by OpenAI. At the same time, several tools help you detect content produced using chatbots developed by various companies. Also, they differ from each other in the category of detection accuracy. Hence, you can optimize content for search engines more effectively using more than one AI plagiarism checker.

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