My Interview with The Net Talk

Abhijit Panda Interview with The Net Talks My Interview with The Net Talk

With people staying at home and professionals working from home, more and more enterprises adopt digital marketing to connect with customers and persuade them to buy products/services. But digital marketing trends keep changing at frequent intervals. The experienced digital marketers up-skill and re-skill themselves to adopt the emerging trends in digital marketing. But the beginners often find it challenging to pursue a successful career in the digital marketing industry.

As a passionate digital marketer, I believe in adopting emerging digital marketing trends proactively. At the same time, I am also passionate about helping students and beginners to become successful digital marketers. While talking to The Net Talk in July, I got an opportunity to share my journey as a professional digital marketer with beginners. Also, the ideas and information shared by me during the Net Talk interview will help the beginners to start their journey as digital marketers.

Please watch Abhijit Panda Interview to get answers to some of the questions frequently asked by beginners and novice digital marketers.

Abhijit Panda Interview with Sachin Kamte of The Net Talks
  • How digital marketing has been evolving over the years?
  • Should beginners attend digital marketing classes or join online digital marketing courses?
  • How to choose the right digital marketing course?
  • How to ensure that the digital marketing course is relevant in and beyond 2020?
  • How to keep your digital marketing certifications current?
  • How to keep your knowledge and skill relevant despite frequent changes in digital marketing?
  • How SEO changed from a game a quantity to a game of quality?
  • How does on-page SEO differ from off-page SEO?
  • How AI has been making search engine bots smarter and search engine algorithms think like humans?
  • What free digital marketing courses should a beginner consider?
  • Why beginners should opt for paid digital marketing courses instead of training institutes?
  • What are the basic things that remain unchanged despite changing digital marketing trends?
  • What are the consequences of using black-hat digital marketing strategies?
  • How to track minor search engine algorithm changes?
  • How does a search engine algorithm change get its name?
  • How to get website traffic despite search engine algorithm changes?
  • Should digital marketers consider starting and running their own blogs?
  • How search engines and social networks personalize ads by leveraging customer’s personal data?
  • How can you avail surveillance in the age of social media and mobile apps?
  • How the coronavirus pandemic will transform digital marketing?
  • How novice and experienced digital marketers will survive in the post-pandemic world?
  • How digital marketers should prepare themselves for the post-pandemic world?
  • How the OTT platforms have been changing video marketing?
  • How AI-driven voice interfaces like Alexa has been changing digital marketing?

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